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Amiga, n. [ah-mee-gah] (Friend)

a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual connection

Brand Collaborations

As a Lifestyle ChicaBlogger ™ Influencer, I specialize in the promotion of business growth tools, digital software brands, and fashion apparel that benefits the lives of ChicaEntrepreneurial ™ Blogger Influencers. I’ve worked with 4 & 5-star small business fashion apparel brands such as Thcoup Industries, Blue Delta Jeans, and Jord Watches. I've also worked with Kajabi, a booming, online, all-in-one business platform. I drive awareness and excitement for these thriving, unique, and authentically growing brands who benefit my audience demographics.

To learn more about my audience, the brands I’ve worked with, and the services I provide, download a copy of my Media Kit here.

For all collaboration inquiries, you can reach me at [email protected]. 

I look forward to discussing how my organic, unique, and targeted influence can help YOU achieve your marketing goals!


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Guest Writing ™  is NOW accepting fabulous guest posters who looking for opportunities to post on my site and get exposure + scaling to YOURS at the same time! (win-win)

Why should YOU Consider Guest Posting here on


Please Note: From my end, I will share YOUR post to ALL my regular Social Media accounts and promote it ANY way I can to my entire, highly-engaged audience! It’s a win-win for both of us! smile 😊YOU get backlinks to YOUR posts and blog site, and I get great content that will enhance our ChicaEntrepreneur ™ Community!


If YOU blog or write about any of the following topics, I’d love to learn more, Chica!

  • Blogpreneur Tips
  • Blogpreneur Strategies
  • Women in Business 
  • Online Content Creating
  • Blogger Influencer Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mental, Physical, Emotional Development for Blogpreneurs


Still Interested, Chica?



Guest Posting Requirements


  • A piece of original content (not published anywhere else) at least 1500 words. You can include 1 links (nofollow) within the post but no affiliate links unless it is to YOUR own product/service. 
  •  I require a short bio + photo for the article as well as ANY links to find you (social media, website, podcast, etc). 😊(I want YOU to snag some added love)
  • YOUR post will be required a week before, as this will give me time for formatting, SEO and creating my graphics (include any YOU would like as well).
  • Please share YOUR completed, spell & grammar checked post, using a Google docs link (make sure that I have editing permissions --- that's important 😊---  through YOUR form submission).
  • I reserve the right to edit content for readability, content and to maximize SEO opportunities.

  • Once I have reviewed YOUR ChicaBlog ™ post for publishing, I will send YOU an email to let YOU know when it will go live + share links so that YOU can share it, as well. 💜

***I am currently accepting Guest Posts 1X a month! So, go ahead and submit YOUR pitch to me when YOU are interested! Spots fill up quick!***


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