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So, YOU start.


You're feeling ChicaStrong ™.


You focus on growing Your connections, You network, and You work on building an ideal email list.

You Guest Blog on some AMAZING blog sites.

You make a conscious effort to respond to every single blog comment, social media comment, and email. You joyfully say “yes” to any interview or podcast request.


You put in the Time. You work extremely hard. You are not giving up.



And NOW,

That ChicaPlan ™ you mapped out for YOUR ChicaBlog ™ months ago . . . 

The ChicaLife  YOU hoped to achieve . . .

Those amazing goals...

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3 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger Influencer (as an Independent Woman)


Are YOU in need of some happy, authentic, upbeat inspo after YOUR Independence Day festivities? Don’t worry, I've got you covered, Chica! I’ve compiled three tips based off my latest reflections that have made me feel just darn PROUD of myself as an Independent ChicaEntrepreneur ™ — and my hope is that YOU will reflect on these three tips and feel the same Pride!





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Collectively, our Chica Diversity  brings us OUR true personal Chica IdentitySo, finding YOUR OWN unique Chica Authenticity is the real KEY to your growth and ultimate Success as a Chica Blogger.

- Morgs* (Yep, that's me )




YOUR unique ChicaSelf is always celebrated in our ...

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How to Overcome Your Fears & Start Your Career as a Full-Time Blogger (Guest Contributor: Monica Pirozzi)


Being a full-time blogger influencer is worth the rewards, but it's not always easy. Fear gremlins are often just around the corner. That's why the platform exists to provide a nourishing, safe space where every Chica ™ will be encouraged to pursue her Chica Dream™.





I am thrilled to introduce the amazing Italian Chica Blogger ™, Monica Pirozzi onto the blog, today, to share her experiences in becoming a full-time blogger influencer! Read this story if you need some self-confidence and strength to start YOUR full-time, blogging entrepreneurial endeavors.




Part of being a well-rounded, connected, and successful blogger influencer is building life-long relationships with other Chica Entrepreneurs who share your common Chica Values ™!




Hi! I'm Monica! And I have a question for you. . . Does...

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7 Reasons Why Blogger Influencers Fail (And How to Avoid These Mistakes)


You craft an elaborate content mixed with love, excitement, and hope --- only to hear crickets and no one engaging with your blog content.  


The first several years of blogging, I had no clue what I was doing. I had zero comments (aside from people I knew in real life), no subscribers (did not even have an email marketing system set up --- for while), and minimal followers.

Looking back...this was very daunting, discouraging, and draining.

Other Blogger Influencers seemed to curate incredible blogging platforms. Yet, there I was shouting my thoughts into a space where no one was shouting back.



There where many days when I considered quitting. But I knew quitting would not fix the issue(s). 


Thankfully, I learned from my mistakes ( still learning --- as all of us do).

I am so grateful for the huge strides I have made the last two years.

 If you are struggling right...

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The 7 Self-Care Strategies For Busy Bloggers


Pheww! As a blogger, being busy just comes with the territory, am I right? Whether you just started or you’ve been in the journey for a while, it is VERY easy to get overwhelmed throughout your blogging business. BUT, this post is going to help you beat blogger burnout with the one thing every blogger chica needs in her strategy: SELF-CARE!

Self-care strategy? For my blog?! Yes, BOSS peep. You got it!

Self-care is something that needs to be prioritized, scheduled, and executed daily in your blogging routine (and life in general, honestly.) It’s something that’s going to help you be ultra-productive, stay creative in times of ruts, fight overwhelm, and help you find that balance that all bloggers are constantly searching for.

Keep on reading this post to learn 7 different strategies to incorporate self-care into your life as a blogger plus my own personal struggle with self-care that resulted in me writing this post!



Between content...

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6 Ways Listening Skills Are Important in Business


It is so easy to get wrapped up in our own world of passions, goals, and plans that we forget to stop and listen. We have forgotten how to develop good listening skills. Many say the art of listening has gotten lost somewhere along the way in our advancement of technology and speed of pace.

I used to wonder if this was the case, as I am just as involved as the next person within our technological world. However, I find myself more grateful for the capabilities technology offers us than resentful towards issues. You may say, well of course - you are a millennial,  you are bound to feel this way. But, truly, my age is irrelevant. Regardless of when/how this advancement has happened and despite our opinion- it is here to stay. Our best bet is to make the most of it! Listening is and always will be an art. Good listening is a skill. Being a good listener is going to advance you in your professional endeavors. If you truly want to live more confidently,...

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