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Real Talk, Chica: As women, we are OFTEN far too hard on ourselves.


In fact, did YOU know that "women criticize themselves at least eight times a day, with 40 percent admitting to starting as early as before 9:30 a.m" according to a study lead by Zoe Griffiths --- the head of Public Health and Programming at Weight Watchers? This somber study is shocking (or perhaps not so shocking to many). While this particular article later went on to argue that Social Media has a massive role to play in the continual, contemporary combating of self-loathing, I concluded a very different Source to this ChicaStruggle.


We are (each) unimaginably unkind to ourselves. We focus too much on what we can GET rather than what we can GIVE as a ChicaBlogger & Content Creator.



I speak to this topic of Social Media and Self love on this Instagram post! Go take a look and share your thoughts, if you haven't already. 


So, how do you normally respond when you receive a genuine compliment, Chica? Maybe it's something along the lines of this: "Oh! You're so sweet, but no..." or maybe you say something like this: "Oh but look at you..." and you completely take the focus (of the real compliment given to YOU) off of you. Or, maybe you simply become uncomfortable and you are not sure HOW to respond to these compliments. Here's what I know: You are allowed to receive these genuine compliments given to you! On my YouTube Channel, I share a vlog chatting about my personal tips after going full-time into ChicaBlogging & Content Creator.



In this ChicaVlog, I elaborate on several extremely KEY ChicaTips to pursuing ChicaEntrepreneurship full-time. But, if I could create that same ChicaVlog again, I would shed more light on the pivotal ChicaValue in being willing (and able) to accept compliments as a Female Entrepreneur. Let's face it, some people in your Life (Sí, even family and friends) will likely criticize or question your personal endeavors with your ChicaBlogging and Content Creating. Why are we each so quick to let those negative, unsupportive words/actions soak into us a female entrepreneurs? BUT, we are so much quicker to deny the active compliments/support we do receive (both professionally and personally)?


We should stand ChicaConfidently in who we truly are, not matter what anyone says.



Stop letting the compliments make you uncomfortable. A close friend of mine, Scovia Wilson, once shared with me the Art of Receiving Compliments. When someone gives you a compliment, you simply respond by saying, "I receive that."  In doing so, you are confidently receiving this compliment. You are grateful for the compliment, but you do not think on it too much. And (on the flip side), if someone sends negativity/lack of support your way, you simply respond with, "I don't receive that." You can say this out-loud or even simply to yourself. NO ONE can MAKE you feel a certain way or MAKE you receive words. We each have the ChicaPower to control our own self-talk, self-beliefs, and self-love.


A truly ChicaEmpowering phenomenon happens when we stop listening to other peoples' opinions on our Life and stand confidently, intentionally, and actively strong on our own Path as a ChicaEntrepreneur. 

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002. Turn your ChicaRoadblocks into Self-Improvement.

We ALL have some type of ChicaRoadblock(s) standing in our own Path towards ChicaSuccess. But, we should practice a deeper Self-awareness as to which ChicaRoadblocks can feasibly be moved out of our Path towards that ChicaSuccess. It's very easy to become frustrated, demotivated, and disheartened that these personal and/or professional ChicaRoadblocks exist in the first place. But, here's the reality, Chica: We ALL have them! Instead of being reactive to there existence, be proactive and brainstorm various (realistic) ways you can MOVE these ChicaRoadblocks to get one step closer to truly achieving your ChicaGoals as a female ChicaEntrepreneur. Recognize them, Review them, Remove them. Are you struggling to recognize, review, and remove your own ChicaRoadblocks? Come snag my ChicaEntrepreneur Readiness Checklist that will set YOU up for greater, deeper, fuller ChicaSuccess as a Profitable and Passion-Driven ChicaEntrepreneur!


Click Here to Checkout Morgan T's ChicaCoffeeHouse! 

003. Pay it forward to yourself 

Make the intentional effort to do actual things your future ChicaSelf will thank you for! This could be a variety of things such as Prioritizing your Skincare, Investing in your ChicaBusiness, Partaking in Road Trips, etc. It's far too easy as an Entrepreneurial woman to only have your mind on your biz. But, spending real Time on things that enlighten, enrich, and empower you as a Chica (personally, spiritually, and professionally) will bring you long-term growth (even in your ChicaBusiness) Be kind to yourself. Pay it forward. Enjoy your unique ChicaProcess.


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Have you joined the exclusive Self Love Challenge?

I've teamed up with five other amazing ChicaBloggers --- Kelly Clark, Sam Gravener, Jessica Earner, Ruth Shapter, and Katie Rose --- to host this month-long Self Love Challenge. I'm a firm believer that being totally intentional with Self Care can completely enhance your Entrepreneurial endeavors. We believe curating an opportunity for YOU to fully embrace Self Love/Self Care ALL of February will be a necessary ChicaBoost to any who is struggling to prioritize Self Care on a regular basis. So, if you haven't already, definitely download your own pre-made Self Care Journal. Also, be sure to checkout Ruth's 30 Affirmations for Self Love and 6 Ways to Take a Break and De-Stress by Katie


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SO, LET'S RECAP!!! What ALL have we learned TOGETHER, in this entire ChicaBlog Post, today, Chica!


001. Learn how to accept compliments.

002. Turn your ChicaRoadblocks into self-improvement.

003. Pay it forward to yourself.

004. Follow the #LoveMyself2020 Challenge!




BOOKMARK THIS ARTICLE IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure YOU Bookmark this ChicaBlog Post to have when YOU need a place to turn in order to receive encouraging action-steps for Being kinder to yourself as a woman entrepreneur! Remember, Chica: Self love and speaking positive affirmations to yourself is essentially allowing you to better know, love, and express YOURSELF. Harness your ChicaStrengths and have fun building very intentional quality Time for YOU. Become more ChicaConfident in Your Unique Voice. You can even ask a fellow Chica for help if you're feeling lost or frustrated! We should EACH be strategic, intentional, and positive when we ALL come together as ChicaSisters to remind each other who we TRULY are as communal Chicas!!! 🙂




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So, Let's chat!!!
Drop a comment below with any ways YOU speak positive affirmations to yourself as a thriving female entrepreneur! Can't wait to learn from you!


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