3 Ways to Become a Successful Blogger Influencer (as an Independent Woman)

¡Hola, Chica! Let's get this ChicaBlog Post Party started by taking a deeper look into today's topic: Becoming a Successful Blogger Influencer (even as an Independent Woman). As always, drop a comment in the comment section of this ChicaBlog Post, so we can ALL keep the Party going & genuinely learn new value from each other!!!




So, Are YOU in need of some happy, authentic, upbeat inspo after YOUR Independence Day festivities?


Don’t worry, I've got you covered, Chica! I’ve compiled three tips based off my latest reflections that have made me feel just darn PROUD of myself as an Independent ChicaEntrepreneur ™ — and my hope is that YOU will reflect on these three tips and feel the same Pride!




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Collectively, our ChicaDiversity  brings us OUR true personal ChicaIdentitySo, finding YOUR OWN unique ChicaAuthenticity is the real KEY to your growth and ultimate Success as a ChicaBlogger.

- Morgs* (Yep, that's me 😊)




YOUR unique ChicaSelf is always celebrated in our space. It's YOUR priceless gift which HOLDS the foundation of YOUR ChicaBlog and ultimate fulfillment as a ChicaEntrepreneur.









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Three (Pride) Tips for the Modern-Day ChicaBlogger ™ :


 001. Take Pride in YOUR Brand’s Voice.

Life is NOT scarce. It’s abundant, endless, and eternal. Your authentic, unique perspective makes YOU pricelessly relevant, because a specific person will connect BEST w/ this perspective YOU offer with your ChicaBusiness. Your unique brand voice as a Blogger Influencer stems from YOUR Value System. This Value System is unique to YOUR Blogpreneur Business. Your brand's voice is YOUR Power. Confused about YOUR Value System as a Blogger influencer? You can take a look at mine, here + what events My Value System have stemmed from, here. Celebrate that YOU have authentic input, advice, and recommendations to offer YOUR audience! It's this pivotal recognition that will build YOUR confidence to continually mold YOUR ChicaBlog in all the ways you could hope for and dream of.



002. Take Pride in YOUR Abundant Opportunities.

A scarcity mentality is what keeps many of us as Blogger Influencers from achieving our goals. Abundance refers to the paradigm that there is plenty out there for ALL of us! Focus on what you have and surround yourself with abundance-minded people. A KEY way to increase YOUR opportunities with YOUR ChicaBusiness is to actually listen to understand rather than just listening to reply. You will become TRULY unstoppable as a Blogger Influencer! Listen to what your audience CRAVES. Then, do ALL you can to meet a need (step-by-step). Be a specific as possible. For example, you can even do Inventories to test where YOUR target audience is currently at right now (personally, technically, and/or professionally), and then cultivate content that meets the pain point(s) you discover from your Inventory. Your opportunities are truly limitless, Chica!


003. Take Pride in YOUR Business Accomplishments.

Looking back brings CONFIDENCE. Looking ahead brings insecurities. What do I mean by this? Well, picture this: mentally journey back and playback how far you've come with your ChicaBusiness! For example, remember a time when you were not even at Step 1? Guess what --- NOW, maybe you're at Step 4! Take Pride in that! This progression towards harnessing your ChicaDreams is a life-changing journey! Looking back and being proud of where you are PRESENTLY is a massive comfort. However, when you let yourself jump too quickly on what's YET to come --- you become distracted, out of focus, and off YOUR self-paced Path. The future is unknown in so many ways. Instead of thinking on what hasn't come yet, celebrate what has happened in your Journey. You are a SUCCESS!



Let's Recap! Three Things We Need to Remember This Independence Day (as a Blogger Influencer)


1. Take Pride in YOUR Brand’s Voice.

2. Take Pride in YOUR Abundant Opportunities.

3. Take Pride in YOUR Business Accomplishments.



The Act of Reflecting is extremely important as we are growing as Content Creators. Do YOU take time to appreciate YOUR Path as a Blogger Influencer? In honor of Independence Day and US as Independent, confident Chicas --- I want to dedicate this blog post share to celebrate, smile, & take Pride in OUR Business Developments and SUCCESS!


Make sure YOU Bookmark this ChicaBlog Post to have when YOU need a place to turn to in order to be reminded of your ChicaIdentity as a vibrant, unique, special female Entrepreneur! Remember, Chica: Feeling down is TOTALLY NORMAL. But, it can be strategically counteracted when we come together as ChicaSisters and remind each other of who we TRULY are as Chicas!!! 🙂


So, what are YOUR latest accomplishments? Share them below in our comment section!!! I love learning from YOU! Let's keep THRIVING, GROWING, AND LEARNING together!!!  

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