5 Ways Busy Female Entrepreneurs Keep the Passion Alive in Relationships


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Wow, you're a ChicaEntrepreneur? So, you run your very own unique ChicaBusiness? That's simply amazing! Gosh --- you must have so much more time on your hands to just soak up quality time with your husband.


Chica, you know I always keep it really real with you. So, I'm going to share some actual ChicaTruth with YOU, right now...


Dedicating Quality Time and Keeping the Passion Alive (in your own Relationships) as a ChicaEntreprenueur can be


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It's officially February. Well, you know what THAT means, right? ChicaSites, ChicaBlogs, and ChicaBrands everywhere totally explode with tons of Valentines Day Gift Guides, hearts, and LOVE galore. For real, Chica: Buying gifts can be tough. I completely get it. When you're a ChicaContent Creator and ChicaBlogger --- Time can dwindle and you feel too overwhelmed to partake in seemingly easy Gift Giving.

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So, now that you've got these Valentines Season ChicaGiftGuides talk is all out of the way, you're going to have more actual time to dedicate to what truly matters: Keeping the Passion Alive in Your Relationships as a busy ChicaEntrepreneur.


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As I already clarified, Chica, it can be H-A-R-D. John Luke and I got married in Fall of 2017. Right after we got married (And I do mean right after) I JUMPED and started my full-time ChicaContent Creating and ChicaBlogging. I'd never owned a Business before. I was learning amidst the JUMP. I was adjusting to being a full-time, intentional, passionate Wife AS WELL AS as full-time, intentional, passionate ChicaBusiness owner.


Phew. That takes some intense head & heart power.


But the Truth is, this Personal and Professional ChicaBalance has gotten a lot more truly manageable as Time has passed and ChicaRoadblocks have been moved in the Tyner household. I've taken a passionate hold of my authentic ChicaPurpose with ChicaConfident.com. And, by doing so it's allowed me to manage my Time and cultivate a well-spring of Passion & Authenticity in my Relationships as a busy ChicaEntrepreneur.


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So, do I now manage my Time it perfectly every single day as a busy ChicaEntrepreneur?


But, do I now manage my Time far better than I once did as a busy ChicaEntrepreneur?

¡O sí!


So, what's your ChicaSchedule look like? Show me that, and I'll show you ALL your real priorities. I know this might sound "rigid" or "un-romantic" but hear me out, Chica. According to the Pareto Principle, only 20% of aspiring Entrepreneurs make it in real Life (Forbes, Kevin Kruse). Of this 20% one of the major components to their Success is the ability to make (intentional) Time for Relationships has actually drastically improved and strengthened genuine Relationships (Entrepreneur.com, Sujan Patel).

You cannot let your ChicaCalendar be ONLY full of ChicaBusiness endeavors. Yes, when getting your Start-Up rooted-and-flourishing you HAVE to put in a lot of (smart) long working hours. But, recognize in the very beginning that maintaining healthy, true Relationships nourishment absolutely contributes to your long-term ChicaSuccess and ChicaBalance.

Set aside at least ten to twenty percent of your Time in your weekly ChicaCalendar for non-negotiable, present, quality time with your significant other. LISTEN to what that important person in your Life has to share. Talk about important goals, talk about what their needs are and how you can proactively help, talk about important decisions that must be made, talk about anything you need to talk about --- just make it a real priority. After all, this Time together should be an actual priority.

Being intentional and striving to always cultivate a deeply-rooted Relationship will bring you greater fulfillment and joy as a busy ChicaEntrepreneur. 


002. Express your gratitude & appreciation.

Sure, you give your Mentor, your AMIGAS, your ChicaCustomers, and your ChicaAudience Members, etc. your upmost appreciation and respect. But, do you give that to your significant other? John Luke has not only been my biggest cheerleader in my Start-up with ChicaConfident.com BUT he's also been my Investor and Financial (guru) guide! I'm beyond grateful for his expertise. I shed some light on his incredible guidance, encouragement, and expertise on Instagram, here.

So, I think it's safe to say he's owed some major gratitude and appreciation from ME in consideration of ALL he's done. And my point is being a significant other to a busy ChicaEntrepreneur like myself (and like you) requires massive patience, consideration, and care. A little bit of love goes a very very very long way, Chica. I encourage YOU to be more intentional with your words of gratitude and appreciation to your significant other. It's pivotal to your ChicaGrowth, ChicaSuccess, and overall ChicaLife.



003. Delegate where you can.

Okay, I know personally from being a ChicaBusiness owner that delegating tasks can be an unnerving ChicaStep in your own Business. It's so easy to wonder "Who's actually going to execute these Tasks as well as I TRULY do?" But delegating the mundane Tasks in your own ChicaBusiness will actually free up so much Time in your busy Entrepreneurial Schedule.

I recently delegated a third-party Videographer to film and edit ChicaAcademy™ and while there were certainly ChicaRoadblocks and Learning Curves that came with this delegation, I'm so grateful that I agreed delegate this particular (extremely important) Task. It's taught me so much about maintaining due trust, staying in alignment with my real Value System, and cultivating a Business that's more Balanced. On the other hand, a household Task that I've been able to intentionally delegate is (wait for it)...vacuuming! John Luke and I recently received a Roomba and WOW have we been genuinely impressed. We have a fur-child Basset Hound that certainly sheds. So, this Roomba (which we've named Consuelo --- Spanish for "Comfort" since Roomba brings us so much comfort 😂) has allowed us to delegate the mundane obligations to constantly having to vacuum our floors. 

Now, has it totally halted a need for us to personally do some sweeping/vacuuming from Time to Time? No. She is just a robot, after all. BUT, it's without a doubt freed up our Time, so that we spend less Time stressing about the mundane and more Time 1:1 connecting with each other. And, THAT, Chica, is invaluable especially for a busy ChicaEntrepreneur.


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004. Disconnect in order to better reconnect. 

We've been told over and over and over that it's important to set boundaries between Work Life and Home Life. But, unfortunately, the boundaries are far too easily blurred as a ChicaEntrepreneur (especially a ChicaEntrepreneur who's working from home). As a needed habit of self-care, I will leave my phone plugged in outside of the bedroom before going to bed. If I need to set an alarm, I do so with my duo purpose Sleep Sound Machine + Alarm. I disconnect one hour before going to bed which allows my mind to fully rest, allows me to be more intentional with that quality time before bed, and it allows me to prevent horrid insomnia.

Another new tradition that John Luke and I both began together (this year) is partaking an annual New Years Retreat. We take Road Trip somewhere we've never been. We spend this Time dedicated to each other. We discuss our personal and professional goals for the coming year (both together and separately). We cultivate a plan that will allow us to each reach these goals. Not to mention we have an amazing time exploring a new place, TOGETHER!



005. Have regular intimacy. 

Chica, did you know that sex is one of the biggest stress-reliefs available? In my opinion, we make Time for whatever is a priority to each of us. If you say "I don't have Time." You're actually saying "It's not a priority." If you begin to implement these four other ChicaStrategies I've shared with you, then you should have no problem making Time for intimacy. Get your endorphins truly pumping and actively halt that low-chronic stress that so so so often accompanies ChicaEntrepreneurship.



BONUS Self-Care Challenge!


So, ready to join in on an exclusive Self Love Challenge?


So, Chica: Since we are now in February, Self-love and Self-care talk tend to be very trending topics of discussion (#tonguetwister 😜). In honor of all the Self-Care advice trending and my recommendations on keeping the passion alive in your Relationships as a busy ChicaEntrepreneur, I've teamed up with some other incredible ChicaBloggers  Kelly ClarkSam GravenerJessica EarnerRuth Shapter, and Katie Rose --- to host this uniquely curated, month-long Self Love Challenge.


I'm a firm believer that being totally intentional with Self Care can completely enhance your Entrepreneurial endeavors. Together, we believe that curating an opportunity for YOU to fully embrace Self Love and Self Care ALL of February will be a necessary ChicaBoost to any who are struggling to prioritize Self Care on a regular basis. So, definitely download your own pre-made Self Care Journal. Also, be sure to checkout Kelly's latest post on yummy (and healthy) Valentines Day eats and Sam's post on how setting (smart) goals is Vital for Self Care


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SO, LET'S RECAP!!! What ALL have we learned TOGETHER, in this entire ChicaBlog Post, today, Chica!


001. Put them on your calendar.

002. Express your gratitude and appreciation.

003. Delegate where you can.

004. Disconnect in order to better reconnect.

005. Have regular intimacy.

006. Join in the Self Love Challenge.

007. Download your own pre-made Self Love Journal.



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