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Your Unique ChicaVoice is a GIFT. No one can Create in the same way YOU can. And that, Chica is your true POWER.


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In the chaotic realm of ChicaContent Creating and/or ChicaBlogging Entrepreneurship, Unique branding can seem IMPOSSIBLE to Cultivate and Flourish. But, it's important to remember that we each have a ChicaStory that should be deeply Rooted in our ChicaBusiness. This ChicaStory allows us develop Branding for our ChicaBusiness. This genuine and one-of-a-kind ChicaStory stands out CONFIDENTLY in a contemporary world of so many woman entrepreneurs.



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Encompassing less than 50% of total business owners in the United States, women entrepreneurs are steadily on the rise, especially with recent advancements in technology. In fact, in a recent 2020 statistic, we are gathering that "the US economy is increasingly reliant on the work and devotion of female entrepreneurs. Women are starting and running businesses at a stunning rate—and they’re doing so with demonstrable skill and expertise" (Fundera.com). Also, Latina women-owned businesses grew more than 87% [this past year] --- AMAZING!!!


Your Heritage, Trials, Life Experiences, etc. mold your ChicaBusiness's unbreakable foundation. Taking real Time to evaluate your Journey and decide exactly what your ChicaBusiness's Mission will be is pivotal to long-term growth. Having a distinct Passion you want to Monetize is incredible. But, will not have a withstanding ChicaBusiness if you too quickly jump on the very first "Passion" that seems Profitable.

Being a ChicaBusiness owner is far more than just the tactical Services, Offers, or Products. It's the rich ChicaStory you intricately intertwine within your "Why" that makes a women entrepreneur truly, CONFIDENTLY stand-out in the contemporary, diverse Blogger's Market.


002. Develop a consistent ChicaStyle and ChicaDesign.

NOTE: If you're in need of an amazing graphic designer to create the perfect logo for your ChicaBusiness Branding, look no further than Savannah Harrell! Not only did she capture my ChicaBranding Vision perfectly [pictured above], but she enlightened me with futuristic ways I can continue molding my ChicaBrand for the better.
She's i-n-c-r-e-d-i-b-l-e

Did you know that by 2019, the global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80 percent of all consumer Internet traffic, and this doesn’t even include video exchanged through peer-to-peer (SmallBizTrends). WOW, right? For a Chica, this stunning statistic brings rise to an immense opportunity. YOU have the chance to BLOOM a ChicaBrand that literally connects with your ChicaAudience on a deeper level. Videos are so engaging, shareable, and intimate.

You can thrive via two different types of ChicaVlogging. One, is through a YouTube Channel. Youtube is essentially a search engine. And, you can eventually monetize your YouTube Channel, once you reach a certain number of Subscribers (at least 1k) and 4,000 hours of watch time within the last year. This may seem like a lot, but consistently sharing one weekly video that your ChicaAudience is searching for/needs can quickly add up and be shared.

The video I shared at the beginning of this ChicaBlog Post was from this YouTube video. Or, you can do quick Mini Chica-Vlogs that simply showcase a product, tutorial, service WITHOUT EVEN USING WORDS. This is called Global ChicaVlogging. Global in that anyone can understand what you're sharing --- no language barriers. I have a heavy demographic of both Spanish-speaking and English-speaking women. So, this strategy has been so beneficial in my ChicaBranding. Here is an example of typical Mini Chica-Vlog that I share on both Instagram and Tiktok.


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When you offer your ChicaAudience quick, fun, consistent Value --- they keep coming back for MORE! It's ALL about the Relationship. Your ChicaBusiness should be so intricately connected with YOU and your ChicaBrand that no one (not a ChicaCustomer, not a ChicaClient, not a ChicaReader) will be able to engage with one without the other.


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BONUS TIP, Chica!!!


One of the greatest encouragements is to LET yourself LEARN and be truly inspired by fellow Women Entrepreneurs who have cultivated a totally inspirational ChicaBrand that dances to the tune of their own beat. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ƒ
Five incredible women entrepreneurs who have inspired my artistry are the following: 
001. Jasmine Star
002. Casey Goode
003. Angela Lanter
004. Sophia Amoruso
005. Idalis Velazquez


So many female entrepreneurs have tackled the challenges posed to them by a male dominated field of venture capitalists through the expansion of their social networks. You'll notice that most of the business women I've profiled in this YouTube video have a wide reach on a number of social media platforms. It's so enlightening to explore their wisdom. I encourage you to do the same! In fact, Sophie Amoruso wrote an incredible book entitled #GIRLBOSS that I 10/10 recommend you read! She also has a podcast, check it out!


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#LoveMyself2020 Challenge

Have YOU joined in this exclusive Challenge?

I've teamed up with five other amazing ChicaBloggers --- Kelly ClarkSam GravenerJessica EarnerRuth Shapter, and Katie Rose --- to host this month-long Self Love Challenge. I'm a firm believer that being totally intentional with Self Care can completely enhance your Entrepreneurial endeavors. We believe curating an opportunity for YOU to fully embrace Self Love/Self Care ALL of February will be a necessary ChicaBoost to any who is struggling to prioritize Self Care on a regular basis. So, if you haven't already, definitely download your own pre-made Self Care Journal. Also, be sure to checkout Kelly's How to Utilize Self Care During Hard Times and How to Create Your Own Vision Board by Jessica.


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SO, LET'S RECAP!!! What ALL have we learned TOGETHER, in this entire ChicaBlog Post, today, Chica!


001. Pull from your real ChicaRoadblocks & your unique ChicaStory.
002. Develop a consistent ChicaStyle and ChicaDesign.
003. Communicate in a ChicaVlogging Manner.
004. Watch my YouTube Video about these 5 Inspirational Women Entrepreneurs --- and follow them!
005. Take advantage of my LIMITED TIME 50% off Spring Special on ChicaConsultations™



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So, Let's chat!!!
Drop a comment below with any ways YOU develop a Personal Brand for your Business as a thriving female entrepreneur! Can't wait to learn from you!

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