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Okay, real talk, Chica!


According to a Deloitte Holiday Retail Study for the 2018 Holiday Season, "76% of shoppers planned to use their desktop computer or laptop for purchases. Furthermore, 46% of them decided to use mobile devices." Can you truly believe that, Chica? I can. Also, a recent study amazingly showed that "93% of shoppers turned to technology during the Holiday Season." We ALL know that shopping during the Holiday Season can be often very stressful. So, we tend to experience a real sense of Relief, more Encouragement, and definite De-stress from the convenient access to recommendations, online gift-ideas, etc. from ChicaBloggers, like us.


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The use of convenient technology is simply increasing as the years progress. So, as a ChicaBlogger this should be genuinely encouraging, right? These statistics ensure that even MORE eyes are continuously exploring Blogs, Socials, YouTube, and the Web in general during the Holiday Season for gift ideas. Thus, WE have an increased, real ChicaOpportunity to be actually found, truly known, and really trusted.



As ChicaBloggers, our Time can get extremely hectic during the busy Holiday Season --- especially when the lively Christmastime comes into full swing! It's NO secret that there are growing opportunities to expand our Personal Brand awareness, build our own authentic ChicaAudience, and fully help other women by offering Holiday Season gifting ideas. So, I believe every Chica could fully use a few of my EASY Holiday ChicaGiftIdeas when jumping ALL IN to Holiday Season and Christmastime.  I know the Life of an ChicaEntrepreneur can be very full of intense learning curves and extremely full-schedules (especially during the Holiday Season). But, just because YOU are a busy with your ChicaBlogging Business, that doesn't mean you're Christmastime Gifting has to be overwhelming! So, if you are Roadblocked in choosing the best Gift ideas for this Holiday Season, I'm thrilled to share with YOU some of my very favorite ChicaGiftIdeas for this Holiday Season 🎁!


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001. DIY Sugar Scrub (with an encouraging message on top!)

I've been making this amazing and luscious sugar scrub recipe as a fun and useful gift for friends and family this Christmastime Season. It's OH-SO-EASY, Chica! Two of my very favorite Whys in regards to WHY I LOVE giving DIY's as gifts during the Holidays are as follows: They are fully unique AND truly thoughtful gifts (unique & thoughtful --- just like YOU, right, Chica?! 😊). 


SUGAR SCRUB INGREDIENTS/TOOLS: (makes for 1 jar of homemade sugar scrub)


SUGAR SCRUB DIRECTIONS: (super easy & very fun!)
  • First, Start with your coconut oil. Continue working your way down this full Ingredients list, mixing all Ingredients thoroughly together into your mixing bowl, stirring with your wooden spoon. Utilize your measuring cup and measuring spoon in order to get your measurements exact. (getting this exact is important, Chica)
  • Then, spoon out your sugar scrub and pack tightly into your glass, sealable jar.
  • Lastly, tape your positive affirmation/verse/quote on top of your jar lid (written on a small piece of paper) via a fun (maybe even Holiday festive) sticker!



There's never too many incredible opportunities to spread Support, Love, and Encouragement to fellow Chicas, family, and friends. Especially during the Holiday Season.



I store my sugar scrub on my bathroom counter next to the sink, so it's readily available whenever I choose to you use it! I use it more often during the cooler months because my skin is typically more dry in comparison to the Summer/Spring months.


  • Sugar scrub is quite Gentle on your skin
  • Sugar scrub Exfoliates to remove dry skin cells for softer & smoother skin
  • Sugar scrub Adds even more incredible moisture to your skin
  • Sugar scrub actually Fights personal skin aging
  • Sugar scrub even helps fight potential ingrown hairs


So so so many amazing benefits of sugar scrubs, Chica! I truly hope YOU have a BLAST creating this DIY as a fun, affordable, easy Holiday ChicaGiftIdea! Maybe even make a sugar scrub for yourself, as I did 😊.


002. Rebelkin Blue Light Glasses.

A few months ago, I was given the wonderful and empowering opportunity to become AMIGAS with the RebelKin brand upon the launching of their Blue Light Blocking Eyewear line for the empowered and ambitious woman --- just like YOU are, Chica! I've now flourished a long-term ChicaPartnership with this wonderful brand. You can learn more about my first ChicaPartnership in this post here and also on my Instagram profile in My Stories. I absolutely LOVE my Coco style of Blue Light Blocking glasses. They are totally cute, incredibly designed, and extremely durable. And, they truly have lessened my eye-strain and frustrating headaches I'd began relentlessly getting --- ever since I my exciting decision to jump into ChicaBlogging full-time.



Rebelkin's Eyewear will make the perfect Holiday Season Gift Idea for someone you love! AND, I have Good News!!! Since you are a ChicaAudience member you can use my $20 OFF discount code at checkout! I know money can be very tight during the Holiday Season. So, my genuine hope is that this discount will prove to be highly beneficial for YOU, Chica!

Code: CHICA20

Purchase your OWN pair, today! And purchase a pair for a loved one, too!

See me style my Coco Rebelkin glasses in the TikTok vlog below!



003. SPICE OF LIFE Hands-Free Portable Neckband

My husband received this fan for his birthday. And, Chica, WOW!!! This fan works so so SO well. It's truly excellent for ALL sorts of occasions that you might personally experience. These fans are adjustable to different speeds that range from low, medium, and high. So, you can set your own fan to the ideal speed for totally excellent performance! This neck fans also has powerful batteries to enhance the functionality for longer runtime. Obviously, this fan can be used during hot weather when you're by the pool, outside working, hanging by the beach, etc. But, I've used ours from occasions that range from post Hot Yoga workouts to cooling my face during a face mask routine to the perfect cool breeze to balance out a hot bubble bath, etc. This is the perfect Gift Idea for any loved one on ANY occasion. As a Chica, you spend your money practically, right? This gift is practical, affordable, and relevant for the entire year. Purchase this ASAP! I suspect the demand will certainly increase as the warmer Spring and Summer months approach. YOU can shop this invaluable fan on my Amazon Store, here



SO, LET'S RECAP!!! What ALL have we learned TOGETHER, in this entire ChicaBlog Post, today, Chica!


001. Tons of Consumers are utilizing online means & technology to purchase Holiday Gifts.
002. There is a huge Opportunity for a ChicaBlogger to further market her Personal Brand during the Holiday Season.
003. Gift Guides are a widely-appreciated means of alleviating Holiday Stress that often comes from coming up with the proper Gifting Ideas.
004. DIY'S make for highly Unique & extremely Thoughtful Holiday Season Gift Ideas.
005. Sugar Scrubs have a vast amount of ChicaBenefits that will benefit BOTH the Chica and her loved one during the Holiday Season.
006. Rebelkin Eyewear is a must have this Holiday Season.
007. Purchase a SPICE OF LIFE Hands-Free Portable Neckband before the demand raises even MORE during the Spring and Summer months.



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Now, Chica! Let's CHAT! Tell me YOUR own Holiday Season ideas?! What are YOU simply loving, right now? What are some KEY ChicaGiftIdeas that YOU have found? Let's Encourage, Educate, and further Empower EACH OTHER as true Chicas!!!

Tell me in the ChicaComments!


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