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The 7 Self-Care Strategies For Busy Bloggers


Pheww! As a blogger, being busy just comes with the territory, am I right? Whether you just started or you’ve been in the journey for a while, it is VERY easy to get overwhelmed throughout your blogging business. BUT, this post is going to help you beat blogger burnout with the one thing every blogger chica needs in her strategy: SELF-CARE!

Self-care strategy? ForπŸ‘πŸΎ myπŸ‘πŸΎ blog?! Yes, BOSS peep. You got it!

Self-care is something that needs to be prioritized, scheduled, and executed daily in your blogging routine (and life in general, honestly.) It’s something that’s going to help you be ultra-productive, stay creative in times of ruts, fight overwhelm, and help you find that balance that all bloggers are constantly searching for.

Keep on reading this post to learn 7 different strategies to incorporate self-care into your life as a blogger plus my own personal struggle with self-care that resulted in me writing this post!



Between content creating, building traffic, time management, social media, Pinterest, and starting new adventures + projects, we all know what it feels like when we’ve gone way above our limit in blogging endeavors. 

We have a million ideas spinning in our heads at once. All the way from blog posts, email opt-ins, a video series, collaborations, marketing strategies, or new opportunities to make money with our blog. We scribble the ideas into our planner for the month and tell ourselves we can get it all done. We may start out strong, motivated, and positive but halfway through we feel drained and incapable. 

Blogger anxiety and burn out sets in. Immediately after that, the full-on panic comes on because we feel the need to keep going, keep going, keep going in order to stay caught up with our blog and reach our dream goals. Do you feel me? Am I the only one?





 Before I dive all into the tips I am going to share my personal struggle with bloggers burnout that I dealt with recently. It was nearing the end of the 2018 year. I had just returned from an extended vagabonding trip throughout Europe with my husband. I was at the top of my game mentally, socially, and with business. I was active on Instagram, Facebook, and personal business offers like my blog audits

Then the new year started. I had tons of goals in mind like launching my bloggers blueprint course Blogging to THRIVE, collaborations with my blog, diving further into affiliate marketing, writing my E-book, Facebook collaborations, launching a DM group on Instagram +more. I am typically always on when it comes to my business ready to attack the next adventure. 


 In my head, this all seemed totally doable. I wrote out my goals for the month of January, and then each project I needed to focus on (creating the online course, searching for collaboration fits, creating my community group, etc.)

Then, one day I had some editing issues with my online course. Techie stuff can always encounter issues, but this situation hit me hard. I had a deadline to meet and I was not going to miss it and disappoint my audience (you guys!). I go into this struggle more in my latest podcast episode

After pulling an all-nighter (and your grandma here is NOT about that), getting the course up in time, and sitting down to breathe, for what felt like the first time in hours, I instantly recognized my total exhaustion.




Though I felt accomplished, I felt like a zombie. I felt lost, unfocused and confused. 

So I spent a weekend practicing self-awareness and focusing on my needs.

I sat in silence some, I listened to my favorite music like Mumford and Sons, prayed, got a massage, and meditated. It's utterly incredible what happens when you get out of your head, into your heart, and just breathe. Deep, long, mindful breathes. My husband, John Luke, has always been a master at this.



It felt off and odd not spending time on my goals. Even for just a few days. But that is my takeaway story and I hope it helps any bloggers struggling with the same thing. Being mindful of your stress levels & energy is so important


Now I want to share 7 strategies for practicing self-care (and thus self-love, too.) These are all geared towards bloggers + entrepreneurs, but they can definitely relate to anyone.

7 Self-Care Strategies For Busy Bloggers


001. Define Your Why.

This should be defined from Day 1 of getting your blog orchestrated. Before you get a blog platform, before you write posts, and before you do anything with your blog. What gets you excited? What is a problem you want to punch in the face that you can do something about? Why do you want to have a blogging business? 

Having a mission statement and clearly defined why not only keeps you from getting as overwhelmed, but it brings you energy, direction, and motivation when you need it the most. Along with this, it keeps you focused on your purpose -long-term- not just current needs. 

002. Slow Down Your Yes.

We all fall into this at least some point in our journey. NO ONE can do it all. Not even you. I learned that last week when I realized I was way too go, go, go with my goals + ideas for the new year starting off.

Not every opportunity that comes your way has to be a yes at that moment. Create a place where you can jot down all your ideas, whether it’s in a notebook, an app, a planner, whatever is best for you. Save certain ideas for another time when they better align with your goals for that month or week.

Let's say you get 6 sponsorship opportunities in one week. Need you say yes to all of them? Is it realistic? Will you have time to breathe and give out your best effort? Do the brands align with your mission + ideas/goals for the month? Does working with them ACTUALLY benefit your readers? Or will it just give you some extra cash flow?

Think about these things and then make a smart decision. You have to consider your audience, always, and what your blog is all about.

003. Realistic Goal Setting.

Setting goals gives you motivation, accountability & perseverance. Plan out month-by-month what you want to accomplish. Baby steps! I would not recommend planning the entire year out in advance, because you cannot predict what will happen. It is far more powerful to set quarterly or monthly goals that are realistic and align with your mission.

What to consider when planning your goals:

  • Specifically stating what you will do
  • Relationship building
  • Attainable for where you are at now
  • Relevant to your blog
  • Timely and well-thought-out

Then you can plan out weekly + daily goals depending on your flow and adjust accordingly depending on what direction your blog moves.



Set your goals with intention & passion. This is a big tip, and it is why the SMART method really helps. Ask yourself how + why you want these goals to happen and if they’re going to help you move closer to where you see yourself in the future. Always have longer-term mentality turned ON.

 004. Take Breaks in Your Schedule

You have to incorporate a schedule into your business, or you will become so frustrated and unproductive. I always write things down on pen and paper, that's just my jam. But you can use Google Docs to map out your schedule for the week. Just find what works for you. 

Yes, breaks should be a part of your schedule. Breaks are something I have always struggled with when it comes to my blog. I am the type of person that is on GO until something is complete. I had a warped mentality that breaks = unproductive. But I’ve realized that lack of breaks and a self-care strategy has actually slowed me down + stressed me out.

 I also make sure to take breaks in the morning, when I start my day and I start slow. I take a lunch break. And then again in the evening when I exercise + make dinner I take a break.

Sometimes you might reach a point where you need to take an extended break…as in a couple days, a week, or even weeks. This. is. OKAY! You are not a “bad blogger” or failing. You are a smart blogger that is taking care of herself. Return to your blog when you are ready to jump back in!

Still in search of a planner that works for you? I highly recommend Blessing Manifesting Blogging + Biz Self-Love, planner! You can write in it with pen & paper (via print version) or get a digital copy! This planner guides you along your journey not only to keep you sane and scheduled but also focusing on self-care. Follow the link above to learn more and snag your very own!



I would recommend this very important tip: TELL your audience when you take these extended breaks. They should be a part of your story and they want to be. This shows consistency, relationships, and respect. All of which set the foundation for a successful money-making blog.

005. Have a Support System.

Having a support system is essential for self-care as a busy blogger. 

Knowing you’re not alone in this journey is key. If you are surrounded by people that just don’t get it, think blogging is a joke, a waste a time, a silly excuse for a job…please separate yourself from that bad energy. You do not need it!

Having a community is EVERYTHING when you hit points in your blogging journey where you feel like giving up. I have been there. My support system kept me from quitting. Have an inspiring group of people who GET you, love you, and respect you - who you can reach out to in times of need. This is honestly the most rewarding part of blogging. Find your FELLOW BOSS PEEPS!

 Several Ways to Find a Support System:

  • Find an accountability pal
  • Reach out & connect with other bloggers on social, email etc. (SO HELPFUL)
  • Join a Facebook group or community (or 2,3, or 4 of them!)
  • Join a mastermind group! You can even create one.



 006. Incorporate Non-Blogging Activities.

SO important. I will be the first one to raise my hand and admit to you guys that I’m really bad at this. Doing things that ARE NOT BLOGGING are SO important to your creative juices + mental health. Why? Because it will help you recharge like a battery, brings you inspiration, and makes you joyful. Focus your attention on other things that make you FEEL ALIVE + JOYFUL. This helps to get you excited to return to your blog and will motivate you to come up with fresh ideas for your audience.

Here are a few non-blogging things that I like:

  • Walking my basset hound
  • GNO'S (Girls Night Outs)
  • Netflix
  • Podcasts
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Pampering
  • Wine 🍷 nights
  • Outdoor adventuring
  • Day or weekend trips
  • ________________  (fill in the blank!) 😘



007. Take a Self-Care Challenge

You know you need self-care, but cannot gather up the drive to actually take action? You need a good kick in the bootayy chica!!

I love challenges that I can follow along with via simple pieces of wisdom in my email inbox. There are so many challenges available out there that you can follow along with. An example would be Ampersand's 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

I am actually considering creating a FREE, 21 Day Self-Care Guide. If this interests you, join my email list here to learn more! πŸ™ƒ



1. Define Your Why

2. Slow Down Your Yes

3. Realistic Goal Setting

4. Take Breaks in Your Schedule

5. Have a Support System

6. Incorporate Non-Blogging Activities

7. Take a Self-Care Challenge

What ways do you practice self-care? Please share them below so I can learn more ways to prevent future burnouts! Let's collaborate πŸ™ƒ

Make sure to bookmark this page to have when you need a place to turn in times of feeling overwhelmed and lacking in self-care. Remember getting burned out is TOTALLY NORMAL and can be prevented with self-care strategies like the ones in this post. πŸ™‚

Some links on this blog post are affiliate links, which means I get a small percentage if you decide to purchase anything. Thank you! Gracias!


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