How to Overcome Your Fears & Start Your Career as a Full-Time Blogger (Guest Contributor: Monica Pirozzi)

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So, let's be REAL: Being a Full-time Blogger Influencer is certainly worth the rewards. But, it's not always easy. Fear Gremlins are often just around the corner. That's why the platform exists to provide a nourishing, safe space where every Chica ™ will be encouraged to pursue her ChicaDream™.





I am thrilled to introduce the amazing Italian ChicaBlogger ™, Monica Pirozzi onto the blog, today, to share her experiences in becoming a full-time blogger influencer! Read this story if you need some self-confidence and strength to start YOUR full-time, Blogger, entrepreneurial endeavors.




Part of being a well-rounded, connected, and successful blogger influencer is building life-long relationships with other ChicaEntrepreneurs who share your common ChicaValues ™!




Hi! I'm Monica! And I have a question for you. . . Does being a full-time blogger seem like an impossible, fantasy-like dream?

. . .One where the blogger is just strolling around all day . . . exploring awesome places . . . having great experiences . . . and showing like-minded people the amazing things she does all day?


If so, you're not alone! This is a very common misunderstanding about a blogger influencer's life.


And as I was thinking on these misunderstandings, doubt creeped into my own mind . . .


"Wow, Monica! Blogger Influencer women are just lucky girls who live surface-level lives and basic dreams. Maybe I should just find a "real job" and stop pursuing this blogger entrepreneurial path. Maybe becoming a successful blogger influencer is not worth the sacrifice."


But as I bravely continued down my path to ChicaSuccess ™  the journey has opened up incredible opportunities for personal, technical, and professional growth within my life.


Many people just think a full-time blogger influencer, like myself, doesn't do anything from sunrise to sunset --- other than earn a lot of easy money.


Let me assure you, there is far more to the journey than that!




How to Start Your Career as a Full-Time Blogger Influencer: Q & A With Monica Pirozzi


001. What were your Road-blocks to becoming full-time blogger influencer?

'Gosh! I am very bad at writing! I cannot put a single word on a sheet of paper!' These where my thought during an Italian Writing Test in High School. I thought, for my entire life (until now), that I was very bad at writing and that I couldn't sufficiently convey my thoughts to readers!

'Everyone has limits', I'd always say to myself.

This was my limit. But now I am here to say --- don't worry, YOU will find what YOU are best at, just as I have!

 The thing is, being a full-time blogger influencer has nothing to do with writing perfectly or pleasing your language teacher.

And that's what I have come to learn --- years after this devastating High School experience on my Italian Writing Test (an experience I'd carried with me for years).

Our limits should not be dictated by others, and unfortunately they often are!

BUT, when we each set OUR minds on harnessing OUR ChicaDream™  --- we unleash our potential and we become limitless!


My story exemplifies this!


I had to completely transform my mindset, my reasoning, and my way of approaching people and My Reality.

For years, I really thought I was terrible in arts and writing.

So . . . I chose a more technical, rigid path at the Engineering University. For awhile, I hoped to delight myself within my comfort zone, away from writing and communication.


002. When and how did you Remove Your Roadblocks?

Do you remember when the Instagram phenomenon started to grow?

Well, I was there in 2015 (In Italy, this is when the phenomenon started) At this point, I'd started showing people my pictures and travel-loving lifestyle.

I never imagined that this seemingly tiny action would Pave the Path for so much transformation and growth in my life!


 This was My Transformational Starting Point When I Removed my Roadblock!

The rise of the Instagram phenomenon was when I decided to slowly uncover my long-hidden artistic abilities.

After a while (maybe it was a sign of destiny!) I ran across the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, a path towards the recovery of your artistic self.

If you, too strongly want to be an artist --- but you feel very blocked --- then you should absolutely read this book!


This book opened my mind to my potential.


It made me understand that everyone is an artist, and it's never too late to journey down the Path of harnessing YOUR InnerChica ™.  


003. What was your first step in becoming a full-time blogger influencer?

In 2018, I decided to start my first blog about traveling!

At the beginning, it was a real challenge to me, because I had little writing experience and informatics skills.

I couldn't do anything on the computer and building a website was a huuuge challenge for me!

But, you know, most ANY obstacle can be overcome with a little bit of patience!

I began to recognized My Mission was rooted on three passions: 

To develop my communication skills; to show people my unique perspective on life through my travels; to start living the life of my ChicaDreams ™ --- one that would inspire a like-minded woman to do take charge of her life and become a successful ChicaEntrepreneur ™. 


So, My Motto became "When you want something bad enough, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it".


Soon after starting my website development step, I connected with a friend of mine (who was working as web developer), and she helped me get my blog up-and-running properly.

It was like magic!

I was sooo happy and inspired! Then, I started writing about ALL my plans and travels around Europe!


004. How did you respond when your plans didn't go as planned?

Yep, things don't always go as you expect.

Plans going awry is a very common Roadblock for beginner bloggers! So, don't let it set you back from accomplishing YOUR ChicaDream ™ !

My Big Obstacle came when I no longer knew what to write or how to make my impact. I felt lost. I couldn't find the motivation to stick with my travel blog anymore.

So, what did I do?

I took some time off to travel solo and clear my mind.

I decided to visit one of the most inspiring and magical places in Europe --- the amazing Stonehenge Valley in the UK!




While on this trip, a revolutionizing realization came over me!

I began to recognize My Key Passions: Taking pictures, inspiring women to be better, and instructing women to build their OWN Entrepreneurial Path.

And that is the foundation on which I started shaping my New Blog.

Growth comes from experimentation, experience, & exceptional self-awareness.

When I came back home from my Transformational Trip, I decided to start fresh with my blogging business.

I started my New Blog! And I built everything myself this time. My focus was now centered on my passion for photography.

My aim was to teach people how to improve their photography for Instagram and social media.

After making this change, my world began to thrive!

 . . . New ideas come continuously to my mind.


 I had found what truly aligned with my ChicaValues™ and My ChicaLife™, and you can too!



005. What should a full-time, blogger influencer focus on in order to be successful?

Communication. Powerful communication & connection is the essence of blogging.

To be a successful blogger influencer, you must --- first --- fully understand YOUR Core ChicaValues™ and YOUR ChicaVoice ™.

When I started, I really didn't know who I was and where I was headed.

The search for something LIFE-CHANGING brings excitement along Our ChicaPath™.


I started writing articles on my New Blog every single day.

I started posting on Instagram every single day.

I started sending a newsletter out to my small audience every single day. 


Then one day,  I began to recognize that my audience was looking for answers to something specific

. . .

And I could help them find those answers! 


006. How did you mold your Blogging Business so that it met the needs of your audience?

Becoming a blogger influencer has developed into such a big trend, nowadays.

People want to do it because it's an awesome, freeing way to live!

I understood that I had the knowledge to teach an Italian Blogger Influencer how to develop her OWN successful blogging business.

So, I started to expand the Core Theme of my blog, and I began talking about blogging and how to become a successful, full-time blogger influencer.

This turned out to be a big success. My numbers started to rise at incredible rates!

People started contacting me, saying thank you for the knowledge I provided; for giving them the strength to continue on their OWN Path every single day; for how my tips have given them great professional success and personal growth!

I have now created a community group on Facebook so I can better help my audience. Also, I have started writing e-books!

I just cannot imagine a better way to live!

I am at the beginning of my full-time blogger career . . . 

And, I am here to tell you . . . becoming a successful, full-time blogger is a journey. I am speaking not as someone who has arrived at the top, but as someone who has climbed out of her comfort zone and is continually trying to be her best self --- both personally & professionally! 


007. How would you suggest monetizing your blogging business as a full-time blogger influencer?

Many blogger influencers show awesome places . . . awesome dresses . . . and so on. But, few people explain where to start.

A big strategy that has worked well for me is giving practical, step-by-step value to people through e-books.

People love learning how to do things that will enhance their lives in a specific way! So, listen to your audience and understand what they want.

Then, write an awesome e-book that gives positive solutions to their pain points!

It may seem disheartening at the beginning if very few people buy your stuff. However, we ALL have to start somewhere! Use this step as a starting point in order to invest time & money into bigger projects  that will ease future pain points of your audience.

For example, I started to get my e-book sponsored on Instagram, at which point I gained additional funds to finance my bigger project plans!


008. Where are you currently at with your Platform for Italian influencers Project?

This big project is not yet active, but remember . . . every journey starts with a single step!

Maybe your fear is that you are not going to be enough; maybe your fear is that everything you are doing is meaningless; maybe your fear is that no one is interested in what you are talking about?

You must be willing to say shut up to this inner doubt that is bringing negativity into your mind, soul, and heart.

The only way to do shut up that inner doubt (the fear gremlins at work!) is nourishing your InnerChica™  and striving to fulfill your passion in becoming a full-time blogger influencer, step-by-step!  


At the beginning, much of the process can seem daunting and confusing. Practice gratitude and Thank God for allowing you the amazing opportunity to create your OWN ChicaPath™!




Make sure YOU Bookmark this ChicaBlog Post to have when YOU need a place to turn to on days when Fear Gremlins take over your mind and you're more hesitant to pursue your unique ChicaDreams! YOU CAN DO IT! Remember, Chica: We ALL doubt ourselves, sometimes. But, remaining in full Alignment with our own true ChicaIdentity acts as our personal Wellspring of unstoppable ChicaConfidence!!! Motivating, encouraging, uplifting ChicaContent (like this ChicaBlog Post) will provide YOU with the Evergreen ChicaWisdom YOU need to be your absolute ChicaBest🙂 


What are YOUR thoughts?

I hope my story has inspired YOU to start acting right now to reach your ChicaDreams ™!

I have told you My Story so YOU will understand it's not always easy --- but the road to ChicaSuccess™ & fulfillment is incredibly rewarding!

You have to build Your OWN ChicaPath™ day by day. You may make mistakes and struggle along the way --- but continue shaping YOUR future --- and growth (both professionally and personally) will begin to unfold! 


Thank you, Morgan, for giving me this opportunity to connect with new people! 😊 

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