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So, I have a serious Question for YOU, today, Chica!


Did YOU know..."Holiday stress has a particular impact on women, who take charge of many of the holiday celebrations, particularly the tasks related to preparing meals and decorating the home. Women are more likely than men to report an increase of stress during the Holiday Season. In addition, they have a harder time relaxing during the Holidays and are more likely to fall into bad habits to manage their [own] Stress..." according to the American Phycological Association from a Case Study preformed by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research: a "woman-owned business that has provided precise, penetrating opinion research and sophisticated, data-driven strategies for candidates, parties, government leaders, corporations, and advocacy groups across the United States and around the world for nearly four decades."


Wow, right?


Do we REALLY have a consistent habit of running ourselves ALL the way down the ChicaPath of utter exhaustion, during the Holiday Season? Do we honestly suffer THIS much from Holiday Stress?

Photo: Halloween in Bergamo, Italy. Go Watch my Instagram highlight Travel. Follow me on and Shop this look + other looks, too!

(Photo seemed like an appropriate representation of the TOTAL exhaustion/Holiday Stress of a Woman during the Holiday Season.) 



Well, I definitely can sense your personal surprise from the above Statistic, Chica. I, myself, am jaw-dropped that this common ChicaRoadblock hinders the Lives of SO many Chicas. But, at the same time, (if we are truly honest with OURSELVES) maybe the above Statistic is really NOT that ChicaShocking. Could it be we ALL (each and every one of US!) have experienced the exact same draining, overwhelming, and devastating Holiday stress in our OWN ChicaLives, every...single...year?


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The first, real Step to MOVING our OWN ChicaRoadblock out of OUR ChicaPath is by recognizing we really do have a Roadblock in the way of our OWN envisioned ChicaDreams, real ChicaSuccess, and true ChicaStrength. (P.s. --- I'm very Stubborn. So, the ability to Recognize, Reflect on, and Remove my ChicaRoadblocks has certainly been a learned ChicaStrength I've had to intentionally Practice, Develop, and Master every single day).



Halloween is simply the BEGINNING of the all TOO demanding, bustling, overwhelming Holiday Season. So, why wait until the Holiday Stress is in FULL effect, Chica?! As a true ChicaEntrepreneurs, we BOTH consistently and regularly strive to be fully prepared, completely equipped, totally rejuvenated throughout the ENTIRE (typically Stressful) Holiday Season.


🎃 👻 🎉






I've shared my Holiday Night Time Skincare Routine (HALLOWEEN EDITION) with YOU in the quick and easy mini-vlog tutorial with this ChicaBlog Post (also watchable on my Instagram and TikTok social platforms) So, now I'm going to offer YOU a little more exclusive insight as to exactly why EACH of theseChicaSkincare Treasure is truly invaluable, completely remarkable, and very suitable for avoiding your potential ChicaStruggles when it comes to Holiday Stress. Then, I'm going to provide YOU with three MORE extremely applicable ChicaHacks for further Managing Your Holiday Stress.



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Holiday Night Time Skincare Routine (Halloween Edition 🎃)


001. Olay Cleanse Makeup-Remover Wipes.

These highly durable, extremely affordable, and easily obtainable makeup wipes serve as a truly crucial ChicaSkincare Treasure in my Journey as a fully Balanced ChicaBlogger. One big reason I genuinely love these makeup removal wipes is because it makes my makeup-wear FAR less daunting. As a full-time Blogger/Vlogger, I take DI'S (Digital Images) and Vlogs, in some manner, every single week. And, during the Holiday Season, this ChicaBlogger reality only INCREASES due to personal (Non-ChicaBusiness) events, festivities, and parties. So, the last worry I want to deal with is the in-conducive dread of removing my makeup, post ChicaContent creating. Olay Cleanse makeup remover wipes are amazingly fragrance-free, totally ideal for daily on-the-go use (this Chica likes to travel!), and it'll very likely leave YOUR skin feeling more refreshed, tingly, and clean. I highly recommend you make this ChicaInvestment and utilize this incredible Olay product.



002. 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask.

Chica, did YOU know that "[t]he benefits and potential of tea tree oil (distilled from plantations of Melaleuca alternifolia) have been recognised for more than 70 years.  Pure Australian tea tree oil is a natural essential oil and natural antiseptic, world renowned for its purity and quality. Tea tree oil has recognised antiseptic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties" AND (there's more), "[t]ea tree oil has been used as a traditional medicine for many years. The earliest publication in the 1920s described the use of tea tree oil as a topical germicidal product. Tea tree oil has been sold in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and other European countries since the early 1930’s and there has been a consistent and long standing use of tea tree oil demonstrated since 1930 internationally and in the European Community" according to the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association. Wow, right? For me (and maybe you feel the same), it's super fascinating learning the genuinely organic, super simple, and incredibly intricate History of Tea Tree Oil. This truly amazing remedy has honestly been a very standard ChicaSkincare Treasure intertwined into my Life for the past several years. So, imagine my total excitement to discover a (Tea tree oil based) Peel-off Mask! I can immediately feel a (therapeutic-like) tingling, cooling, and refreshing sensation when I apply this peel-off mask. You can easily purchase your OWN incredible Tea Tree Oil Peel-off Mask on Amazon for just 5$. This mask is so worth it. Give it a try! It's a wonderful before bed-time ChicaTreatment. If YOU try it out, then definitely tell me what you think in the comments, Chica!



(BY THE WAY, CHICA: You can even purchase your very own 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask at your local Publix. But, Amazon offers a better deal for your own money.)



 003. My Beauty Spot Pro Tools Jade Roller.

So, Chica: There's a lot of talk as to whether or not Jade Rollers truly "do everything from sculpting, toning, and firming skin to boosting circulation, enhancing glow, reducing puffiness, minimizing fine lines, improving elasticity, detoxifying, and helping skincare products penetrate better" according to a recent HuffPost article. A Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, M.D., a dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology shared for HuffPost that "indeed can help with lymphatic drainage." Dr. Chwalek then adds, "However, I don’t think you’re going to get the collagen stimulation from a jade roller or massage device that you get from Fraxel on your face, or even micro-needling.” Here's the reality, Chica: I'm certainly no trained Doctor or Health Specialist. I'm SIMPLY sharing my experiences (pro's, con's, good, bad --- alike) So that YOU will be further enlightened from my personal, real feedback and case studies. In saying this, I have been incredibly please by the results of my Jade Roller. It has been a TRUE, easy, cooling, stress-reducing detox (for my face in particular) after a long day. So, I recommend YOU give it a go, Chica! Why not? I've linked a version of a my Jade Roller here.



004. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask (travel size).

Chica, Did YOU know "Poisoned patients were first treated with charcoal more than 150 years ago. Despite its almost universal acceptance today, activated charcoal's role has been overshadowed by the emphasis on treating poisoned patients first with gastric emptying. We review the current use of activated charcoal and recent studies that suggest that activated charcoal may be the single most effective treatment in many types of poisoning. New explanations for the mechanisms of action include “back diffusion” and disruption of enterohepatic loops. Clinical data endorse a new and aggressive role for activated charcoal in the management of poisoned and overdosed patients" according to the US National Library of Medicine. Stress (including Holiday Stress) acts as a total Poison in EACH of our ChicaLives during the Holiday Season. We should be taking feasible, reasonable, possible Steps to ensure we push Stress out of our Path, especially during a truly magical time of year, like the Holiday Season. Based off Charcoal's history, it seems ever MORE fitting that my Origins Charcoal Mask would be next up in this ChicaBlog Post. I'm a firm believer that this Charcoal Mask has consistently enhanced my skin's health. In addition, it brings me ultimate ChicaRelaxation after a busy day on-the-go. C'mon, Chica, I can't be the ONLY one who gets true revitalization from a nice facial mask in the Night Time? If you haven't tried this Mask out, it's a MUST on your ChicaSkincare to-do list!



005.  Olay Active Hydration Fluid Original.

After a long day out in the Sunshine or even if it's been overcast weather, (yes ChicaUV rays from the sun STILL come through to an extent, on overcast days) we need to rejuvenate our skin, as powerful, careful, mindful Chicas. If you are regularly out shooting DI's (Digital Images), ChicaVlogs, etc. then YOU will need to Reboot YOUR skin to take on another new day, tomorrow! During the Holiday Season, we are certainly shooting even MORE content (whether it's professionally or personally). So, we must be intentional to refresh ourselves and prep our body (and mind) to establish a full sense of peace and sustainability in our ChicaSchedule. In fact, "having a smooth and hydrated skin plays a good role in our social life and psychological satisfaction" AND, "these days’ sunscreens with variable sun protection factor are incorporated in the moisturizers providing additional sun protection", according to the US National Library of Medicine. I've always been proactive with my well-being. But, as I've transitioned into the ChicaLife and have become a full-time blogger, I've had to TRULY prioritize my Well-being and Sense of ChicaIdentity Awareness. I want to encourage YOU to do the same, Chica. Developing real action-steps for this is especially pivotal as YOU transition into the Holiday Season. Start simple; Try out this amazing Moisturizer. I know this step may seem random/small --- but it's TRULY benefited my overall ChicaWellness and has significantly reduced my own Stress levels.




006. Blue Ridge Hemp CBD Infused Gel.

This particular product has been a magnificent Stress relief for me (BOTH physically and emotionally). I sometimes experience discomfort in my neck and between my shoulder blades, due to frequently creating content online over my computer. One way I relieve this stress is through Yoga (which I LOVE!) But, lately I've been trying out this CBD Gel'm sincerely incredibly amazed! I apply it to my neck and I get John Luke to apply a bit to my discomfort areas between my shoulder blades, during my regular, Night Time Skincare Routine. This particular CBD Gel is ALL Organic. In my opinion, it's 100% worth the ChicaInvestment. According to Authors in a Study from the US National Library of Medicine, "CBD significantly reduced chronic inflammation and pain in some mice and rats" AND, the researchers suggest that "the non-psychoactive compounds in marijuana, such as CBD, could provide a new treatment for chronic pain." That's genuinely amazing, right?! This CBD Gel is a great source of relief (AND function as a possible preventative) for YOU during potential Holiday Stress and strain. Plus, this Gel could serve as a great gift option! 😊

P.s. --- The Blue Ridge Hemp brand is not yet available on Amazon. So, for your convenience, I've linked a very similar alternative (ALSO totally Organic) that YOU can purchase, today! This alternative version is also less expensive.




007. Sky Organics Organic Lavender Oil.

Okay, let's talk Lavender, Chica! Did YOU know, "Lavender has a high concentration of volatile oils, which impart its distinctive and pleasing fragrance. The relaxing experience of [L]avender fragrance led to its deliberate, therapeutic use in aromatherapy to relieve mild anxiety. Lavender has been also used internally for mood imbalances such as anxiety, insomnia, and gastrointestinal distress, including nervous stomach" according to an Article of the Natural Medicine Journal written by Jeremy Appleton, ND. John Luke and I have a Diffuser that we run right before going to bed for the evening. In this Diffuser, we put 6 drops of our Organic Lavender Oil. This diffuses in the room, and immediately soothes us BOTH before falling to sleep. But, recently, I've started applying one, small drop behind EACH of my ears as part of my personal Night Time Skincare Routine. I can ChicaConfidently claim this simple additive to my Night Time Routine has worked wonders!!! It clears my mind AND the fragrance of the Lavender totally relaxes my mind, body, and soul. For a long time (since diving into ChicaBlogging Full-time) I was having extreme difficulty sleeping. This ChicaStruggle was very very very odd, considering I've AlWAYS slept quite well. But, since incorporating this small ChicaTrick into my Night Time Routine, I've genuinely been falling asleep with more ease and tranquility. My hope is when YOU, Chica, incorporate this simple ChicaTrick, that you will experience positive consequences, as well.




NOTICE: By sharing my authentic feedback and real experience with these particular ChicaSkincare Treasures, I'm in no way fully guaranteeing that ALL these ChicaSkincare Treasures will work the exact same way for YOU. That's totally impossible for anyone to ensure and guaranteeing such ChicaResults would certainly contradict my ChicaIntegrity. Also, I'm in no way (nor do I ever claim to be) a Medical Expert or Health Care Professional. As a ChicaBlogger, it brings me true JOY to share my own experiences, feedback, tips, advice, credible research, etc. with YOU. So, that's my ultimate ChicaGoal with THIS ChicaBlog Post (as well as ALL my other ChicaBlog Posts). LastlyI'm fully ChicaConfident that this ChicaBlog Post will enhance YOUR Lifestyle during the Holiday Season.




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001. Actively Remember, Relationships Matter.

It's unfortunately far too EASY to take advantage of our own Friends and Family Relationships, especially during the Holiday Season. I believe as real people, it's common to be harder on and more inconsiderate to the one's we EACH love, because in our mind we honestly envision these people will be in our own Lives no matter what happens. But, this (of course) is a very false pretense to fall into, Chica.

So, put THESE ChicaSteps into real Action this Holiday Season:

1) Get a set of durable and affordable journals on Amazon!

2) Pull one journal out to use during THIS Holiday Season; Store the rest for safekeeping to utilize next year during that Holiday Season.

3) Get a pencil, pen, or whatever writing utensil you choose, and journal EACH day until January 1st about what TRULY has stood out to YOU as little ChicaBlessings, during the Holiday Season. Has it been family, circumstances, songs, friends, moments, acts of kindness, etc.?

Taking the Intentional Time to ChicaReflect on (often simple) impactful Relationships in our own Lives shifts our personal Mindset. Rather than focus only on our ongoing Holiday Season to-do List, we are EACH making an Active choice --- habitually, daily, fully --- to Focus on ALSO remembering the incredible Relationships in our own Lives and daily ChicaBlessings. Relationships matter. Gratitude works total WONDERS. Try out this ChicaStrategy! Tell me in the comments how it helps YOU, Chica.


002. Have Fun; Ask for H-E-L-P!

NO ONE can do it ALL (not even YOU, Chica). I talk a lot about Self-Care for ChicaBloggers in this ChicaBlog Post. A big ChicaArgument that I make is the amazing Value found in simply asking for real HELP. It doesn't mean you're a failure. But, even so, I know asking for help is truly not always easy. Maybe you need help decorating your house? Ask a creative friend to come over and lend a helpful ChicaHand! Maybe you need ideas for what to make on Thanksgiving Day? Ask family members to give you ideas, come lend a helping hand, or take to Pinterest for yummy, easy ideas that YOU can actually incorporate into your own ChicaSchedule. There is not shame in getting H-E-L-P when you need it, Chica. If you try to accomplish every single ChicaTask ALL on your own, you're SURE to personally experience unnecessary Holiday Stress.


003. START and END Your Day With Something ENJOYABLE.

The very ChicaBest way to have something to look forward to is to START or END each day with something you genuinely enjoy!!! That could be a massage from your spouse using CBD Gel 😉); a specially, Nutri-Bullet, prepared smoothie, a soothing, hot bath or soothing shower with Epsom Salt; listening to your absolute favorite music album; taking a mindful walk outside with your dog, kids, or both (I LOVE evening walks with John Luke and Mila, our Basset Hound fur-child); working on a hobby; etc. Chica, when YOU partake in ChicaActivities that you genuinely enjoy, you dramatically reduce your own Stress level. Having these positive book-ends to your own day (during the Holiday Season) will be totally therapeutic for your more balanced ChicaLife



SO, LET'S RECAP!!! What ALL have we learned TOGETHER, in this entire ChicaBlog Post, today, Chica?


 7 ChicaSkincare Treasures

001. Olay Cleanse Makeup-Remover Wipes.

002. 7th Heaven Tea Tree Peel-Off Mask.

003. My Beauty Spot Pro Tools Jade Roller.

004. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask (travel size).

005. Olay Active Hydration Fluid Original.

006. Blue Ridge Hemp CBD Infused Gel.

007. Sky Organics Organic Lavender Oil.


Three BONUS ChicaHacks for Managing YOUR Holiday Stress:

001. Actively Remember, Relationships Matter.

002. Have Fun; Ask for H-E-L-P!

003. START and END Your Day With Something ENJOYABLE.



Chica: Don't let THIS be your Face this Halloween and on into Holiday Season.


NOTE: Make sure YOU Bookmark this ChicaBlog Post to have when YOU need a place to turn to in order to be reminded of your ChicaWellness Hacks as an empowered, prepared, female Entrepreneur! Remember, Chica: Experiencing Holiday Stress is TOTALLY NORMAL. But, it can (and should) be strategically, intentionally, and positively counteracted when WE each of US come together as ChicaSisters to remind each other who we TRULY are as communal Chicas!!! 🙂




Now, Chica! Let's CHAT! Tell me YOUR own ChicaSkincare Treasures! What are YOU simply loving, right now? What are some KEY ChicaHacks that YOU utilize in order to better Manage your own Holiday Stress? Let's Encourage, Educate, and further Empower EACH OTHER as true Chicas!!!




Disclaimer: Morgan Tyner is a participant in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for to earn small advertising fees should you purchase through the provided advertising and linking to ALL ChicaTreasures shared in this ChicaBlog Post (and ALL other ChicaBlog Posts) are 100% tested by Morgan Tyner and represent authentic, genuine, real ChicaRecommendations. 


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