Four Ways to Be More Confident on Camera


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¡Hola, Chica! Let's get this ChicaBlog Post Party started by taking a deeper look into today's topic: How to Be More Confident on Camera. As always, drop a comment in the comment section of this ChicaBlog Post, so we can ALL keep the Party going & genuinely learn new value from each other!!!



Okay, Chica. Let's get totally real. Sometimes, being on camera can be a very real challenge. I still vibrantly remember the first major video I filmed for It's on my YouTube Channel. In fact, you can still watch it, here! I keep it on my channel as a reminder of how far I've actually come in regards to increased comfort/ease in front of the camera.



 Did you know it's possible that "Photographs really cause us to focus on the gap between the true self and the idealized self. It makes us overly self-conscious. And self-consciousness is a bummer", according to the Los Angeles Times, by USC professor T. Shelley Duval of the Psychology and Human Behavior Department. The Los Angeles Times even titled this very real struggle "photophobia".




Here's the dealio: Part of being fellow ChicaSisters means we EACH build one another up to HARNESS our greatest ChicaStrengths. Together, we actively move our ChicaRoadblocks, fully conquer our own ChicaStruggles, and (finally) totally thrive as ChicaBloggers.


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So, Chica! Let's go through my 4-Step Growth Guide to being MORE ChicaConfident on camera!


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STEP 001: Develop a Consistent System & Harness Your Vision.

We are certainly creatures of habit (or, should I say: ChicaCreators of habit πŸ˜‰). When you are planning a ChicaVlog or photo-shoot, it's extremely vital to have a clear and full Vision for the (specific) thriving ChicaContent seed YOU are about to plant and magically grow to life! You are the Artist. While beautiful photography and putting forth your BEST, highest-quality effort matters, it's actually YOUR ChicaStory that truly flourishes your ChicaContent. THIS is what makes you STAND OUT. It's about what you have to SAY. So, ask yourself: How am I actually going to vividly Inspire my ChicaAudience with this creation? How does this creation truly & clearly help them? Yes, it's about you. After all, this is YOUR ChicaBrand. BUT, we are in a service-based Industry. In my opinion, we're here to fully listen to, joyfully serve, and truly love our own ChicaAudience. So, plan out your Vision for your upcoming Vlogging or Photo-shoot. Incredibly, when you are in FULL Alignment with your own ChicaVision and purposeful PLAN for your ChicaCreating -- authentic ChicaConfidence begins to overflow into your mind, body, and soul. It's remarkable, Chica. Do this with EVERY Content Creating session BEFORE you (or your photographer) even pick up a camera to create. Habits make waves of real Impact.



(Go read my Instagram post where I use this photo to convey an important message about Confidence, Spreading Love, & Living in Your Purpose)


STEP 002: Practice ALONE on your own Time.

The BEST way to get even further adjusted to being on camera (and thus, more ChicaConfident in front of the camera) is by showing up and PRACTICING how YOU can tap into your own on-camera ease, behaviors, and comfort. Don't wait until an actual photo-shoot comes up on your Schedule or a ChicaVlog needs to be filmed before you actively PRACTICE being on camera (and get used to ALL the on-camera vibes), Chica! There are definitely vlogs I've filmed and photos I've taken that have not necessarily made it to my ChicaBlog or Socials. And, thats A-okay! The real Practice has grown me into an even BETTER ChicaCreator. Why? Because I practice intentionally. When you gain increased ChicaConfidence while ALONE, in front of your camera, you will have an increased level of ChicaConfidence whenever you have a third-party photographing you on camera or filming you. Now (AMAZINGLY), when the camera turns on and/or starts recording, I come ALIVE!!! I feel fully at ease. But, this ChicaConfidence did not come right away. And, I have to continually water & nourish my ChicaConfidence by returning to my Vision before every photo-shoot and/or filming. I HAVE to practice and make sure to fully & clearly live my ChicaMission.


STEP 003. Fake it 'till YOU make it.

I know, I know, I know. This recommendation might seem rather ODD. But, hear me out (or read, I should say 😊). Has anyone ever said to you, "Okay, now let's do a laughing/goofy photo!"  My thoughts on this USED to be, "But HOW? Why? I feel so awkward! Geez, this is awkward." But, then I began to realize the more "forced" laughing/goofiness I tried to create, the more often it began to grow into real ACTUAL laughter and true ACTUAL goofiness. I began to enjoy it/want to be more fully in the moment and truly in my Vision. And, the same goes for my more serious-styled ChicaContent. Maybe, in real-time, you're thinking about something funny that happened the day before (funny how that tends to happen, huh?) and you cannot get that smile off your face. If this happens...First: Take a breath, take a break. Then, immerse yourself INTO your Vision and ChicaMessage. What's the origin and creative Roots behind this particular photo-shoot or vlogging? Once you're truly living IN that Message, you'll be surprised how quickly your face, mood, vibes, etc. ALL begin to reflect THAT VERY MESSAGE. John Luke has even had to snap me BACK into reality, because I'd gotten so genuinely and authentically immersed into my true Vision. This is a GREAT thing. Embrace your Why. If YOU can't embrace it, then why should your ChicaAudience?


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004. Take care of your psychic.

It's no surprise that if we feel better ourselves (both mentally and physically) then we preform better. I can assure you, Chica, the exact same scenario exists in being more ChicaConfident on camera. One way I take care of myself (physically and mentally) is through regular hot yoga. The intensive practice allows me to meditate, relax my mind, strengthen + sculpt my body, and bring added ChicaConfidence to my capabilities as I celebrate the incredible strength and growth-abilities God has blessed me with. MOST of my ChicaContent involves smiling. And, Chica, oh do I LOVE my coffee and red wine 🍷. I wouldn't say my teeth are ridiculously stained or anything.


But, let's be totally real: They could definitely look BETTER.


Recently, the brand Smile Brilliant reached out to me pitching a ChicaPartnership opportunity. I'll admit: I was definitely skeptical at first. To me, it was just another teeth-whitening brand out there claiming to have unstoppable results. You already know my stance on working with Brands. If you don't, learn here. Anyways, the more I talked with their PR rep, the more I genuinely recognized and truly appreciated the total transparency and authenticity of Smile Brilliant. They don't have to spout out a bunch of "salesy" pitches --- the Results 100% speak for themselves. And, as a result, so do the ChicaCreators (like myself) who are using Smile Brilliant's at-home teeth whitening kits. I've been trying my teeth-whitening trays & gel, regularly, for the past two weeks. So, compare my own actual teeth before and after photos, below:




Smile Brilliant walks through your entire at-home teeth-whitening process WITH you. This kind and genuine brand certainly doesn't leave you on your own, #BOSScustomerservice . They are highly accommodating and extremely easy to get in touch with! I've never used an at-home teeth whitening kit before, so I was definitely nervous to try my kit out. The Smile Brilliant trays & whitening gel are not at ALL intimidating.



You will create your very own custom-fitted trays to use again, again, and again!! On the (massive) plus side, Smile Brilliant equipped me with some desensitizing gel to utilize after EACH teeth-whitening session --- should I choose to do so. And oh, Chica, This desensitizing gel works wonders!!!




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I found it (personally) easiest to do my teeth-whitening in the evening before bed. I whitened while I was getting ready for the next day, while I was sending encouraging DM's to my ChicaAudience, AND even while I was writing my next ChicaBlog Post! (see a photo below of me actually writing THIS ChicaBlog Post while wearing my Smile Brilliant teeth-whitening trays. 😊)






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The use of Smile Brilliant has totally enhanced my own smile and my ChicaConfidence on camera (and even just in general)! This highly highly highly convenient teeth-whitening kit is (genuinely) leaving a more positive, long-term impact in my ChicaConfidence. I KNOW it could do the same for you, too! There are A LOT of Myths in regards to teeth-whitening, when it comes to teeth-whitening strategies. Three of these (very common) at-home teeth-whitening Myths are as follows: 


MYTH ONE: Teeth-whiteners are harmful.

(The Truth: Studies have shown that lab direct teeth-whitening (such as Smile Brilliant) are actually very safe AND effective with very minimal side-effects. Teeth sensitivity you might experience (which is caused from tooth dehydration, NOT enamel damage) and any gum irritation disappears upon the discontinuation or lessening the use of your Hi-Intensity Whitening Gel. It's so hassle-free and definitely NOT scary.


MYTH TWO: You should definitely see instant results!

(The Truth: How many years of stains do YOU have on your teeth? How many coffees have you drank, Chica? I LOVE MY COFFEE. How much wine 🍷 have you drank? Wine is life πŸ˜ƒ.  Even just eating food will stain!!! Those numbers definitely ADD UP over time. You may not get instant results after only a handful of teeth-whitening treatments. Guess what? That’s A-OKAY! While some people see results within 4-7 days, other people may need 10-14 days of teeth-whitening treatment with Smile Brilliant BEFORE seeing major results. Remember, Chica: No one's teeth and or stains are exactly the same. Be very patient.


MYTH THREE:  Strips are FAR better than trays & gels.

(The Truth: Whitening strips actually use a very different whitening method than trays & gel. The bleaching method actually strips your teeth of enamel to get the teeth-whitening job done. This is very harsh on your teeth over-time and pretty painful, as well. NOPE! Not for me, Chica. Smile Brilliant (on the other hand) uses a MUCH safer and far more realistic at-home teeth stain-removal ONLY method that’s much more effective to truly (and safely)  whiten your own teeth.



SO, LET'S RECAP!!! What ALL have we learned TOGETHER, in this entire ChicaBlog Post, today, Chica!


001. Develop a Consistent System & Harness Your Vision.

002. Practice ALONE on your own Time.

003. Fake it 'till YOU make it.

004. Take care of your psychic.

005. Smile Brilliant is an incredible, effective, quality at-home teeth-whitening kit. You can enter to win your very own teeth-whitening kit by entering my giveaway, here!!! Don't miss this limited-time opportunity.


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