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¡Hola, Chica! Let's get this ChicaBlog Post Party started by taking a deeper look into today's topic: Time and Blog Management. As always, drop a comment in the comment section of this ChicaBlog Post, so we can ALL keep the Party going & genuinely learn new value from each other!!!





So, YOU start.


You're feeling ChicaStrong ™.


You focus on growing Your connections, You network, and You work on building an ideal email list.

You Guest Blog on some AMAZING blog sites.

You make a conscious effort to respond to every single blog comment, social media comment, and email. You joyfully say “yes” to any interview or podcast request.


You put in the Time. You work extremely hard. You are not giving up.



And NOW,

That ChicaPlan ™ you mapped out for YOUR ChicaBlog ™ months ago . . . 

The ChicaLife  YOU hoped to achieve . . .

Those amazing goals YOU prayed would come to fruition . . .

They’re starting to truly Grow & Flourish

This ALL feels great, right?

Heck yes, Chica! It’s more than great. It’s truly phenomenal! You're thriving!



There’s just one rooted problem . . .





So, You take a step back from YOUR Creating and notice the step-by-step improvements Your ChicaBlog ™ has made over time is growing into an unstoppable force of nature. You remember a Time, not too long ago -- it seems ---  when Your ChicaBlog ™ was a very tiny seed sitting right beneath the surface of the ground, waiting to Flourish!


Now it’s a giant, thriving tree standing tall on a ChicaStrong ™, rooted Foundation. It's strong, tall, vibrant. Yet, this tree (YOUR ChicaEntrepreneurial ™ Soul) is totally exhausted.



You realize one VERY important factor that You didn’t understand when you began Your ChicaBlogging ™ journey — and what I (also) didn’t understand, Chica — is the fruits of YOUR ChicaEntrepreneurial ™ labor are often laborious!




No. 1 It's easier responding to every ChicaBlog ™ post comment, Social Media comment, and thoughtful Email when You only receive a small handful!

No. 2 It's fun to thank everyone who shouts out YOUR ChicaContent ™ on their Social Medias, Blog Sites, and Ads --- when so few people in YOUR target audience know YOUR ChicaBlog ™ even exists! (You want that FREE, genuine promo as often as possible, right?)

No. 3 It's doable responding to every email when YOU only receive emails every once in a while.




No. 1 Because You respond (thoughtfully) to ALL comments --- on both Your Social Media AND ChicaBlog ™ --- Your ChicaContent ™ begins receiving MORE comments.

No. 2 Because you genuinely thank everyone on Social Media for sharing YOUR ChicaContent ™ (gotta get that added promo) MORE people in Your target audience begin sharing Your ChicaContent ™ on Social Media.

No. 3 Because You respond to every single email You receive, You began receiving MORE amazing, appreciative emails.


Basically, Chica . . .

The more Time You put into Your ChicaBlog ™, the more successful it becomes. The more successful Your ChicaBlog ™ becomes, the more it demands of YOUR Time.

It’s an extraordinary, thriving, yet vicious cycle in Your ChicaProcess ™!




So, HOW do YOU continue THRIVING ON and Keeping YOURSELF from getting totally Buried as a ChicaBlogger ™?


That’s the magical question, isn’t it?


How do YOU find the Time to do ALL the ChicaActivities ™ YOU need to do?

How can YOU stay on top of YOUR growing to-do list?

How do YOU keep YOUR mental, emotion, & physical ChicaSelf ™ healthy?

The answer to YOUR ChicaDilemma ™ is very simple. Yet, it can sometimes feel truly complicated . . .


You need to manage YOUR Time like a true, ChicaPro ™!



Post in collaboration with JORD Watches.  


As your ChicaBlog ™ grows and YOU have more demands of YOUR Time, it’s imperative YOU use that Time in the most efficient, practical, and tactical way possible. YOU can't expect to fully thrive as a ChicaBlogger ™ while being disorganized.


YOU need to embrace Time Management.


Thankfully, the Blopreneur sphere is FILLED with helpful, applicable, & real advice.




Truthfully, if YOU are dealing with an obstacle, if YOU have a pressing question, or if YOU are in need of simple ADVICE as a ChicaBlogger ™, there are TONS of Blogger Influencers out there who have faced the same, exact obstacles.


I am one of those ChicaBloggers ™! 🙂



7 Best Practices to Help YOU With Time and Blog Management as a Blogger Influencer



 001. Track Your Time.

It's truly dumbfounding how quickly an entire day can fly by, ya know? Scheduling out YOUR day in Units can really help YOU better manage YOUR Time. No matter how simple and small a daily task --- track it by placing it within a Unit.

ALL YOU do in a given day needs to be placed into its very OWN task Unit. This gives you a FREEING sense of YOUR ChicaSelf ™. Personally, my unique, beautiful JORD Watch Timepiece TRULY helps me keep track of MY Time.

Schedules shouldn’t be treated as suggestions. We dismiss suggestions when they don’t fall in line with whatever we want at that particular moment. That's not what YOU want to do when it comes to YOUR ChicaBusiness ™. By making this mistake, Your ChicaBlog ™ will NOT Scale.

I have my OWN personal clock to check throughout the day, to make sure I am flowing from Task Unit to Task Unit according to My ChicaPlan ™. JORD Watches can be incorporated & styled into just about EVERY outfit imaginable! I am SUPER picky with watches --- and this Cassie Zebra & Ivory JORD Watch totally blew me away!

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002.  Have a Plan.

Real Truth: We as Blogger Influencers are often our OWN worst enemies/nightmares. We’ll sit down at our laptop with a cup of yummy, hot coffee ready to “Blog.” Okay, I hear ya. That’s good since YOU are taking steps to create. BUT, the real problem is “Blogging” isn’t a singular activity.

It’s so many activities working together.

It’s promoting. It's networking. It's connecting. It’s commenting. It’s balancing ALL Your different social media platforms. It’s answering emails. It’s reading, videoing, reading.

And, yep, it’s writing.

If You sit down at Your computer without a ChicaPlan ™, You’re inevitably going to waste so much Time. Maybe this wasn’t a big problem in your ChicaBlog ™s early days. Now, it's going to be a significant problem.

If YOU have stopped and started Your ChicaBlog™, this advice is for YOU.

If YOU are just getting rolling with Your ChicaBlog ™, this advice is for YOU.

Start disciplined. I truly wish I had, at the beginning of my ChicaEntrepreneur ™ Journey.

You need to schedule each activity. And then You need to Plan out how YOU can execute ALL activities step-by-step, on a daily basis.


003. Stay Focused.

There’s a knock at the door. Your dog keeps bugging the heck out of you to play. The fire alarm goes off while your husband is cooking his tasty “Keto Burger Recipe". (Yes, these are ALL Real-Life examples from MY ChicaLife ™🙂)

Things 👏 just 👏 happen. YOU can’t predict them, and YOU can’t always control them.

Life is going to throw distractions YOUR way. It’s inevitable. That is why YOU should do everything in YOUR power to eliminate ALL the silly distractions you can control.

Turn off YOUR phone. Let YOUR dog outside to play. Go into another, quieter room.

When it’s time to “Blog,” don’t let preventable distractions keep YOU from doing it. Focus. Dedicate Yourself to the task at hand. YOUR ChicaBusiness ™ is absolutely worth it, and YOUR ChicaBlog ™ not continue to scale without YOUR true Focus.


And, that leads me to tip #4 . . . 


004. Know When to Stop.

Yes, YOU should proofread ALL Your content. Yes, YOU should edit posts, videos, and get them as tight and clear as possible. Yes, you should do YOUR ChicaBest ™!

But there comes a time when YOU need to let it go, click PUBLISH, and move on to YOUR next task. You only have so much time in a day. The sooner you accept this reality, the better. Perfection is for Procrastinators.

At some point, YOU have to put YOUR Genius out there into the (often virtual) Universe & take the learning curves as they come.


005. Accept Your Limitations.

Maybe, right now, ChicaBlogging ™ isn’t your Full-Time job (Oh, but here at ChicaConfident.com --- we can SO get YOU there 🙂🙌🏾)

Maybe YOU get up and go to a 9-5 job every day. Maybe YOU have a house to maintain and children (OR fur-children) to raise. Maybe YOU have a spouse to consider. Maybe YOU'RE studying at University, right now.

Whatever YOUR situation, YOU'RE unable to devote as much time to ChicaBlogging ™ as others. YOU can’t wake up at 9 o’clock, grab a cup of coffee, and write a ChicaBlog ™ post or film a video. YOU can’t respond to emails ALL throughout YOUR day. YOU can’t always respond to Social Media comments minutes after YOUR ideal readers write them.

YOU begin comparing yourself to ALL those Blogger Influencers who ARE able to do these things. And this comparison pattern is a key ChicaRoadblock ™ to achieving YOUR ChicaDream™.

When YOU compare yourself to Blogger Influencers who Blog full-time, or who have the ChicaSuccess ™ that YOU crave --- you’re setting yourself up for total disappointment & sadness.

YOU don’t have the resources they do.

YOU don’t have the flexibility.

YOU don’t have the Time.

Does this mean YOU should give up?!

Of course not, Chica!

Does it mean YOU should stop working smart and challenging YOURSELF?

Not at ALL!

It simply means there’s only so much YOU can do, and that’s okay. Don’t be so dang hard on Yourself.


006. Learn to say "No".

Yep, sometimes it's TOTALLY necessary & healthy to say No. In the beginning, we are often saying Yes to ALL the opportunities that come OUR way as ChicaBloggers™. 

It's understandable. We each want to Grow & Flourish to OUR full potential as a Blogger Influencer.

But, truly, we should be very picky with WHO we work with, HOW often, & it what WAYS. It's far better for YOUR sanity, health, and scalability if YOU can turn down certain opportunities, in the beginning. Start filtering ALL Your brand collaborations through YOUR Value System (this is SO important).

Saying "No" does NOT mean that YOU are failing. It means YOU are taking YOUR ChicaBusiness ™ seriously --- as well as YOUR self-care. Often times, less is more.

If YOU don't take YOUR ChicaBlog ™ seriously, no one else will.


007. Keep Your Big ChicaDreams ™ for Your ChicaBlog ™ Alive.

We ALL have dreams.

Some of these dreams are BIG, some are small.

And reaching YOUR ChicaDreams ™ can become more difficult the closer YOU get to them.

Time tries to mock you, as YOUR ChicaBlog ™ grows. It can feel as though YOU have 60 hours of work to do each week, but only 20 hours to do it.

The REAL question is: what are YOU going to do about this ChicaRoadblock ™?

Are YOU going throw YOUR hands up in the air and give up? Or are YOU going to throw up YOUR hair and get ChicaSerious ™?

I don’t know about YOU, but I’m going to get ChicaSerious ™.

The “winging it” era (whether YOU have been doing it relaxed for too long OR if YOU'RE just getting started) of YOUR ChicaBlog ™ is over.


So, let’s do this, Chica.



As YOUR Time Management Recap:

001. Track Your Time.

002. Have a Plan.

003. Stay Focused.

004. Know When to Stop.

005. Accept Your Limitations.

006. Know When to Say "No".

007. Keep Your Big ChicaDreams ™ for Your ChicaBlog ™ Alive.


Make sure YOU Bookmark this ChicaBlog Post to have when YOU need a place to turn to on days where your Blog and Time Management seem more overwhelming than other days and YOU need authentic motivation to truly overcome your Pain Points! Remember, Chica: Losing track of time and getting overwhelmed is totally NORMAL. But, it can be strategically prevented with applicable ChicaContent (like this ChicaBlog Post) that fuels you with the ChicaWisdom you need to be your absolute ChicaBest🙂




Tell me below how YOU keep Yourself organized and manage YOUR Time! I love love, love hearing from YOU.

(Don't forget to join my JORD Giveaway! Easy, quick, and YOU could have YOUR very own Timepiece!)



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