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 Chica, did you know...

"There are OVER 330 Million users on Pinterest.
71% of Pinterest users are female.
42% of US female adults use Pinterest.
And 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase (so income for the merchant) based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest." (Omnicore)

These are huge numbers! Pinterest is essentially a search engine. AND unlike online platforms (such as Instagram or Facebook) — Pinterest WANTS its users to leave the platform and find real solutions (from pins being shared). Think about it like Google. Million and millions of search engine spiders are crawling websites (daily) to check for reputation, keywords, clarity, etc. Google wants to rank only the BEST online resources for its searchers to find. Google wants users to keep coming back again and again to Google's Search Engine to find reliable, quality solutions.


It's the exact same way with Pinterest.


So, I’m going to give you 4 tips to better optimize Pinterest for your online business, as a digital female entrepreneur. If you’re a blogger, content creator, online coach, influencer, or maybe you STRIVE to be this --- these tips are for YOU!)


How to Increase your Blog Traffic with Pinterest Marketing (Pin this pinnable photo so other amazing Chicas will gain Value & Encouragement) 


First things first: Prepping Your Pinterest Account for Business


Part 1 --- Make sure your Pinterest account is set to Business.

Step 1: Login to your personal Pinterest account.


Step 2: Click the down arrow in the top-right corner to open your menu.

Step 3: Click Add a free business account.

Step 4: Click Get Started.

Step 5: Follow the prompts to create your business account:

  • Click the edit icon to add your profile picture
  • Enter your business name
  • Add your website, if you have one
  • Select your Country/region
  • Select your Language

Step 6: Click Next 

Step 7: Select one of the options from the drop-down menu for the focus of your business, then click Next

Step 8: Select what type of business you are, then click Next

Step 9: Select Yes or No if you do or don’t want to run ads or select I’m not sure yet

Step 10: Click Next

Step 11: Choose to Create a PinGrow your audienceShowcase your brand, or click the cancel icon to go to your Pinterest business profile.

Part 2 --- Enable Rich Pins 

Go to my video at the beginning of this ChicaBlog Post to watch my quick tutorial on setting Pinterest Rich Pins up on Kajabi.


 How to Enable Rich Pins on Kajabi


So, what are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are Pins that include extra information right on the Pin.

Want to use Rich Pins? You should!

They really BLOOM your presence on Pinterest for your online business.

Rich Pins are completely free. They help both you and Pinterest users by providing more context about your product, recipe, or page on the Pin.

Rich Pins Overview: 

1. Article Rich Pins show a headline, author, and story description

2. Recipe Rich Pins have ingredients, cooking times, and serving times

3. App Rich Pins (iOS only) show an install button so you can download your app

4. Product Rich Pins include real-time pricing, availability, and where to buy


As a blogger and blogger/personal branding coach my audience is full of content creators and bloggers. So, I use Article Rich Pins


Enable Rich Pins on Your Kajabi Site(Pin this pinnable photo so other amazing Chicas will gain Value & Encouragement) 


6 Benefits of Pinterest Rich Pins

These elements make Rich Pins look more professional, trustworthy, and clear:

  • Add extra info – including more keywords to com up in a search!
  • Control over the info attached to all Pins from your Site.
  • Rich info on Pin is updated when linked page/site/post is updated.
  • Offers a bold title in the Pinterest feed.
  • It's branded with your interest account and profile picture/logo.
  • Incorporates a follow button!


These Rich Pins pull metadata from your website. If you learn more about key-words and emplace them on your post titles and meta descriptions, your Rich Pins will have a very big advantage! The info is attached to your Rich Pin (via the page it’s linked to) and can only be edited by you.

When you update your ChicaBlog Post title and Meta Description, these will also update on all Rich Pins linked to that URL – regardless of who pinned it.

So, if I update an article yearly/monthly, such as 5 Genius Ways to Make Money Online Legitimately in 2020, the publish date as well as the title change will be reflected on all Pins that link to that page.



Likewise, if you change the price on a product with Product Rich Pins – the price will be updated across all Pins.


How to Enable Rich Pins in 5-10 Minutes on Your Kajabi Site:

>>  Go to the video tutorial at the top of this ChicaBlog Post <<


4 Tips to Use Pinterest for Your Online Business


001. Share engaging, vertical, attractive pins that stand out.

This will take trial and error. And showing up consistently. I use free tools like Canva to great all my Pinterest pins in  a “batch-style”. And by "batch-style" I mean spending am entire day of the week (for me: Every other Wednesday) making new pins for the next two weeks. This will decrease overwhelm - as I am able to pin two weeks worth of pins on one day! Find out how I'm able to do this in "Tip 4" (stay tuned 🙂).

Example of an Optimal Pinterest Pin for Business


002. Include keywords in your pin description.

Pinterest is a search engine. Basically, it's like a dumb-downed version of Google search engine. So, optimizing your pins description with relevant, targeted keywords + a clear call to action (CTA) encourages more Pinterest users to click-through and see what your content has to offer. And, you can even include hashtags In your pin descriptions! It's amazing! I will look at various trending pins to get an idea on what keywords and hashtags are preforming best in my industry & content topic. Even better- using Pinterest for keyword research is totally FREE. Such an amazing opportunity to get more eyeballs (and potential clients) to your online business.


003. Make 3-5 pins for each ChicaBlog Post (and primary piece of content) that you offer/share.

Sharing fresh pins on a weekly (and daily) basis will optimize your Pinterest exposure. And, if you begin to notice a certain pin reforms really well (re-pins, click-throughs, etc.) you can set this pin up to be recycled - so that same pin will be re-shared at a later date. A tool that makes this SO so so easy is Tailwind!


004. Use a scheduling tool!

Tailwind took my monthly impressions from 4K to over 600k impressions (+633% increase).


Screen-shot of Pinterest Business Account growth from Tailwind


What matters most is, of course, people clicking-through to your content, website, etc. (i.e more organic traffic/reach). BUT getting more eyeballs on your Pinterest Business account is a very big deal. Remember: When your Pinterest profile is set to Business, you’ll have a clickable link in your bio. So, this means pinners/users who find you on Pinterest can directly go to your online platform - straight from your Pinterest profile.


Screen-shot of Pinterest Business account allowing a clickable bio link


Tailwind lets you schedule out hundreds of pins a month, that will automatically share to Pinterest at your most optimal time(s). Plus, you can even join Tailwind Tribes and schedule your pins, there! This allows more like-minded users to see your pins and re-share them, too! There are tons of niched Tailwind Tribes you can join that are full of people just like you (in your same industry) --- who will be more likely to re-pin your content (OR even click-through themselves)!

Costs: Tailwind is $14.99 single Plus Plan (paid per month) OR $119.00 paid yearly.





Join my (free) Pinterest "ChicaBloggers Group Board" for digital Female Entrepreneurs!





SO, LET'S RECAP!!! What ALL have we learned TOGETHER, in this entire ChicaBlog Post, today, Chica!


001. Part 1 --- Make sure your Pinterest account is set to Business.

002. Part 2 --- Enable Rich Pins (Kajabi tutorial linked)

003. Share engaging, vertical, attractive pins that stand out.

004. Include keywords and hashtags in your pin description.

005. Make 3-5 pins for each ChicaBlog Post (and primary piece of content) that you offer/share.

006. Use a Tailwind scheduling tool!

007. Join my Pinterest "ChicaBloggers Group Board" for FREE!



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Pinterest Marketing Plan Made Easy (Pin this pinnable photo so other amazing Chicas will gain Value & Encouragement) 



So, let's chat!!!

Drop a comment below with any tips YOU have for Pinterest Marketing and Business Growth!!!
We can't wait to learn from you! ¡Besos!

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