7 Reasons Why Blogger Influencers Fail (And How to Avoid These Mistakes)

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So, you craft an elaborate piece of (treasured) content mixed with true Love, genuine Excitement, and real Hope of gaining amazing ChicaAudience engagement. But, you ONLY come to hear CRICKETS and no one engaging with your elaborately sculpted ChicaBlog Content...


The first several years of blogging, I had no clue what I was doing. I had zero comments (aside from people I knew in real life), no subscribers (did not even have an email marketing system set up --- for while), and minimal followers.

Looking back...this was very daunting, discouraging, and draining.

Other Blogger Influencers seemed to curate incredible blogging platforms. Yet, there I was shouting my thoughts into a space where no one was shouting back.



There where many days when I considered quitting. But I knew quitting would not fix the issue(s). 


Thankfully, I learned from my mistakes ( still learning 😊 --- as all of us do).

I am so grateful for the huge strides I have made the last two years.

 If you are struggling right now, do not give up! Nothing amazing & life-changing comes easy. If it were that easy, everyone would be doing it! 😊 



Here are 7 Reasons Why Blogger influencers Fail (And How to Avoid These Mistakes) to increase your traffic, money, fulfillment, and sanity.




001. Creative Content is Scattered-brained. 

This is such an easy mistake to make.

When you first start blogging, it is super important to consistently write on a specific topic. It is okay to have various categories --- just make sure they all point back to your overall/general why for your brand.

Confused on your overall why as a blogger influencer? I can walk you step-by-step on how to start asking the money-making questions --- in my Beginner Blogger Check-list!!!

If you’re a budget travel blogger, don't talk about food recipes.

If you're a personal finance blogger, don't talk about fashion tips.

Trust me, this will annoy your readers, and Google will be super confused on what your site is supposed to be about. Thus, it will rank you lower.

Keeping your topics consistent is essential for growth & establishing your authority.


002. Creating Social Content Without Specific Keywords.

A huge mistake many blogger influencers make is neglecting to use keyword research prior to creating social content.

I neglected this for so long, and it was a massive roadblock to my success as a blogger influencer.

Tell me, what is the point of reading your content if no one can find it?

Spend time researching keywords before creating content, so you know how to best structure your content to reach your target audience.

One great share --- ranking on page one of Google --- can produce adoring followers (and income) for years to come.


003. Not Marketing with Other Blogger Influencers.

By guest writing on sites of other blogger influencers, collaborating on podcasts, joining community groups, attending blogger meet-ups, etc. you are creating backlinks to your brand and new (targeted) audience.

The more back-links you have both virtually & real life word-of-mouth --- the more Google will begin to recognize your site and rank you higher, AND potential followers/customers will know who you are.

Make friends with fellow blogger influencers. Tell someone why you genuinely his/her content!

Most of the time, people will welcome collaborations of all types and you will expand your creativity and connections as a blogger influencer.


004. Only Promoting on Social Media.

Social medias are an excellent space to expand your connections, meet new people, and learn the (current/trending) needs of your target audience.

But --- as I always say --- social media is fickle. All blogger influencers should have a site of which to call their own.

In a recent study by Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), it is stated that two-thirds of consumers today are using ad blockers.

Advertisers and brands recognize the reality that people love hearing organically from other people. As a blogger influencer, you now have the unique opportunity to harness advertising across your own site to shed light on brands you genuinely appreciate.

Utilize your own Pinterest account, Third-party tools (i.e Tailwind), Intentional SEO strategies, and your Exclusive email-lists.

You have the potential to create multiple streams of revenue as a blogger (your own products, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc).

Do not miss this profitable and purposeful opportunity to expand a site you can curate, control, and call your own.


005. Not Setting Any Goals.

So many blogger influencers do not set goals. Be sure to set goals that are both challenging and achievable for your blogging business.

Even if you fail, you'll still be better off and you will see baby-step-growth within your platform!

Many influencers wonder why their blogging business has not taken off. Often, it is a lack of goal-setting and direction that causes this lack of growth...

And possibly even fear or narrowing down your niche.

All successful blogger influencers have goals. And they are measuring their success, regularly.

For awhile, I was throwing my content to the wind, with little direction and no measurable goals. But, the moment I started getting very specific with my weekly/monthly goals --- my blogging business skyrocketed.

I want the same for you! 😊 


006. Lacking in Discipline.

Your blogging platform is a business. 

When you enjoy the process, develop a clear why, and are passionate about your blog --- the discipline gets a lot easier. 

You will be willing to work hard --- even after a 9-5 job, because you simply love creating new content.

Allotting full-time hours are not necessary for powerful growth as a blogger influencer. You can certainly build the platform up part-time, when you have your mindset right.

If you are finding it difficult to stay disciplined, try creating a schedule . I love simple notebook planners and dry-erase boards, too!

I plan my week each Friday afternoon. I will pick 5-7 major things I want to accomplish that next week (usually around one goal per day). This definitely alleviates overwhelm and allows time to incorporate self-care (which is hugely important). 


007. Thinking You'll Get Rich Quick.

MANY blogger influencers dive into the blogging industry hoping to get rich quick/become the next big thing.

Instead, I recommend you develop your blogging platform with the hope of helping a specific audience.

Fall in love with helping a type of person, and I assure you --- money will begin to follow-suit. 

Every single day people are taking to the internet to solve problems. Provide specific (niched) solutions to a problem you are passionate about. You will become a trusted resource and an inspiration.

The journey will become an adventure. You will not be discouraged if it takes you some time to make your first $100 as a blogger influencer.


You will be thrilled with the process, and you will never look back.



Let's Review the 7 Reasons Blogger Influencers Fail, So We Can Be Proactive In Avoiding These Mistakes:


1. Creative Content is Scatter-brained

2. Creating Content Without Specific Keywords

3. Not Marketing With Other Blogger Influencers

4. Only Promoting on Social Media

5. Not Setting Any Goals

6. Lacking in Discipline

7. Thinking You'll Get Rich Quick



What are some ways you have been successful as a ChicaBlogger influencer? Share it with US below in the comments section!!! Let's keep growing TOGETHER!


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