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7 Reasons Why Blogger Influencers Fail (And How to Avoid These Mistakes)

¡Hola, Chica! Let's get this ChicaBlog Post Party started by taking a deeper look into today's topic: Reasons Why Many Blogger Influencers Fail (and How to Avoid these real Mistakes). As always, drop a comment in the comment section of this ChicaBlog Post, so we can ALL keep the Party going & genuinely learn new value from each other!!!




So, you craft an elaborate piece of (treasured) content mixed with true Love, genuine Excitement, and real Hope of gaining amazing ChicaAudience engagement. But, you ONLY come to hear CRICKETS and no one engaging with your elaborately sculpted ChicaBlog Content...


The first several years of blogging, I had no clue what I was doing. I had zero comments (aside from people I knew in real life), no subscribers (did not even have an email marketing system set up --- for while), and minimal followers.

Looking back...this was very...

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