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7 Reasons Why Blogger Influencers Fail (And How to Avoid These Mistakes)


You craft an elaborate content mixed with love, excitement, and hope --- only to hear crickets and no one engaging with your blog content.  


The first several years of blogging, I had no clue what I was doing. I had zero comments (aside from people I knew in real life), no subscribers (did not even have an email marketing system set up --- for while), and minimal followers.

Looking back...this was very daunting, discouraging, and draining.

Other Blogger Influencers seemed to curate incredible blogging platforms. Yet, there I was shouting my thoughts into a space where no one was shouting back.



There where many days when I considered quitting. But I knew quitting would not fix the issue(s). 


Thankfully, I learned from my mistakes ( still learning --- as all of us do).

I am so grateful for the huge strides I have made the last two years.

 If you are struggling right...

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