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Best Gift Ideas for 2019 | Easy Gift Ideas for Every Occasion



¡Hola, Chica! Let's get this ChicaBlog Post Party started by taking a deeper look into today's topic: My Best Gift Ideas for 2019. As always, drop a comment in the comment section of this ChicaBlog Post, so we can ALL keep the Party going & genuinely learn new value from each other!!!



Okay, real talk, Chica!


According to a Deloitte Holiday Retail Study for the 2018 Holiday Season, "76% of shoppers planned to use their desktop computer or laptop for purchases. Furthermore, 46% of them decided to use mobile devices." Can you truly believe that, Chica? I can. Also, a recent study amazingly showed that "93% of shoppers turned to technology during the Holiday Season." We ALL know that shopping during the Holiday Season can be often very stressful. So, we tend to experience a real sense of Relief, more Encouragement, and definite De-stress from the convenient access...

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