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How to Overcome Your Fears & Start Your Career as a Full-Time Blogger (Guest Contributor: Monica Pirozzi)


Being a full-time blogger influencer is worth the rewards, but it's not always easy. Fear gremlins are often just around the corner. That's why the platform exists to provide a nourishing, safe space where every Chica ™ will be encouraged to pursue her Chica Dream™.





I am thrilled to introduce the amazing Italian Chica Blogger ™, Monica Pirozzi onto the blog, today, to share her experiences in becoming a full-time blogger influencer! Read this story if you need some self-confidence and strength to start YOUR full-time, blogging entrepreneurial endeavors.




Part of being a well-rounded, connected, and successful blogger influencer is building life-long relationships with other Chica Entrepreneurs who share your common Chica Values ™!




Hi! I'm Monica! And I have a question for you. . . Does...

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