¡Hola, I'm Morgan T!

A Personal Branding Coach

I help overwhelmed female entrepreneurs develop an online Personal Brand that STANDS OUT through management, optimization, and strategic methods.

So, how will your online business THRIVE with personal branding?


I help two types of women maximize their personal branding methods:


Content Creators

(such as bloggers, vloggers, and influencers) you are trying to create quality content, market to your niched online audience, partner with brands, and monetize your online platform.

Online Business Owners

(such as coaches, course creators, etc.) you have your own online business and you're looking for a coach to keep you accountable towards your goals and ensure you're fully optimizing your personal brand online. Let's compound your growth!


Does this sound like you?

- You hit play to film a video but get too nervous to follow through

- You want to market your brand through email, but you don't know how to start

- You're trying to build a niched audience, but you don't know where to find them

- Your growth is stunted on Instagram and Facebook

- You’re tired of seeing others kill it and post testimonials of their clients and customers, when you’re struggling to get anyone to even look at your service or product for free.

- You want to start a blog, but you don't know where to host the blog/what to do first

- You tired of doing gifted collabs with brands, and you're ready to be paid

- You struggling to market yourself on social media without being spammy/salesy 


You're not alone, Chica!
I'm here to help!


Because I've had those same desires too!

6 years ago, I started blogging and content creating. I was in college and I had no idea what it meant to hone in on an audience and "speak their language". I just wanted to empower people, I wanted to inspire people, and I wanted to change lives. My experience and impact had begun.

4 years ago, I landed a career at a world-renowned company. I thought I'd "made it". But, I slowly began to lose sight of my mission, purpose, and passion as I worked the 9-5 hours. I was always simultaneously blogging on the side. My entrepreneurial-spirit was screaming at me to take action, but I was terrified. I kept thinking "What if I fail?"

2 years ago, I JUMPED and started blogging & content creating, full-time. I was scared, unprepared, and NOT fully "ready". But, I did it anyways.

It wasn't until I started investing in my personal and business development with coaches and masterminds that FINALLY made everything click for me to scale personal brand!

Now my passion is to teach other female entrepreneurs the same money-making system to increase their profit, help them feel fulfilled, and spend more time enjoying a successful, balanced life vs JUST business business business! With some gumption, determination, and focus - you can truly have it all. 

At the end of the day you're never fully ready, Chica. So, you might as well DO IT. You're life's mission is more than just a passion. It's your DESTINY. And (while on your path to success) I can tell you firsthand that expert guidance is crucial.


I can teach you my methods and scale your personal brand with confidence!


What Happy Clients Are Saying

Kathryn Schwab

Health & Wellness Blogger // Founder of tonsofgoodness.com

Morgan gave me more confidence in recognizing that I have a valuable voice with great information to offer. I sometimes doubt myself, so I am grateful for this encouragement. She has also helped me to realize that there are things about my blog that I can improve on and actions that will add value to my blog. I've never had an outside perspective (other than family members), so it's great to have a professional look over my blog and give me advice from her standpoint. Morgan gave me actionableuseful advice that I can implement to improve my blog and business!

Sarah Lagner

Self-development Blogger & Personal Coach // Founder of empowerlift.ca

I'd recommend Morgan to anyone looking for clear steps to improve the flow of their website. Morgan was very clear about what's working well and what could be even better, as well as how to make it better. She helped cut the anxiety about the million things on my to-do list and helped me focus on items that are easy to change, as well as a couple larger items to work on over time. Morgan gave me more confidence about my blog and mission!

Mari Lang

Fashion Blogger & Photographer // Founder of Marilang.co 

Anyone that has a blog listen up!! Morgan reviewed my blog and her advice was stellar! Anyone needing tips & advice, she is your go to gal! She really really helped me revamp my website and blog. Her content has been a GREAT resource for me!! She reminds me to focus on why I started my blog and stick to it, which helps me stay motivated. She has taught me that giving up on my blog is not an option!



Success Stories From Brand Owners


My 1:1 Coaching Is Perfect For You If...

✨You are committed and ready to up-level your business using a personal brand!

✨You want to sell an online offer like a course, program or service.

✨You want to get paid for your expertise and audience. For example, land influencer/blogger brand deals or speak on stage at events.

✨You are an action taker! You’re tired of playing small and shying away from your MISSION.

✨You are open to creative and constructive feedback! The only way we can grow is to fail forward and take messy, intentional action!

✨You love setting and accomplishing goals and have good time management skills (to ensure you see the maximum return on your time commitment).

✨You are excited, but also nervous, to take the leap to propel your online personal brand forward.


My 1:1 Coaching Isn't For You If...

👎🏼You have no desire to invest in yourself or your personal and business development.

👎🏼You don't have the time (or want to make your goals with me a priority) to commit to your personal and business development.

👎🏼You make excuses for not accomplishing your goals and have no desire to stick to one thing.

👎🏼You want over night success, or anything close to a magic method to immediate success.

Building your online personal brand and business takes real commitment and true consistency. I will give you the tools & resources to get you there. No doubt, Chica!

So, how will you benefit from working with me?

During our coaching sessions, we will discuss your current roadblocks that have been preventing your from success + reaching your full potential.

Juntos (together), we will design a personalized Action-plan to help you achieve your branding goals.

You will discover more direction and focus for your personal brand and optimize your online platform.

Through video calls, screen-share, check-ins, and unlimited text support, follow-up guides, etc. we will grow your personal brand efficiently and with a ROOTED foundation.

Say goodbye to personal branding overwhelm and HOLA to your forever enhanced personal branding strategy.



Here are a few of my signature services that I can help you with:

Depending on your business and personal branding goals, I will tailor your coaching sessions to what will serve you best in growing your online business!

Social Media Conversions & Marketing

I'll perform an in-depth assessment of your social media accounts, figure out where your ideal clients and audience are hanging out and create a strategy to follow to attract those ideal followers into your business.

We will create a social media strategy and you will learn how to create your content calendar. This strategy will be targeted towards helping you grow your engagement and turn your followers into warm leads with the end goal of gaining customers. 

Nurturing & Sales Email Sequences

If you're not growing an email list you are MISSING OUT on growing an organic  audience full of clients and customers! 

And if writing copy and sales emails isn't your thing, I got you! With me, you'll get 2 email sequences (over 15 nurturing and sales emails) written that will turn those cold leads into customers while you sleep!

I'll help you get set up on the best platforms to help you grow your email list so you can either launch with ease (and make it actually enjoyable!) or just grow and nurture your organic email list until you are ready to sell your services or products with your brand.

Creating Laser-Focused Content That Converts to Sales

Best way to grow your personal brand is to give your best advice/help away for free! Together, we will create an irresistible lead magnet in the content your create to grow your niched audience.

With that, you can then say goodbye to stress and overwhelm trying to set up all the planning, lead magnets, and strategies behind your content creating. I will help you connect it all together to have it flow glitch free and flow with clarity!


Let's Talk Options...

⭐️8-Week THRIVE Coaching Program (best value!)

✓ EIGHT 1:1 video conference sessions
✓ Personal action plan to reach specific goals
✓ Intentional homework tasks
✓ New goal related tips every session
✓ Accountability and motivation
✓ UNLIMITED text/email support for questions

All our sessions recorded
✓ Works best with personal branding management

 Exclusive, discounted access to my ChicaPro Community™ Membership, once the doors are officially open! (no questions asked.)

Your Investment: $1,500


The TRIO 1:1 Coaching Program

✓ Three 90-minute video conference session to tackle specific personal branding challenges

✓ All points covered during call sent via email

✓ Unlimited text/email support for questions before/after each of our three sessions

✓ All sessions recorded for you to keep

Your Investment: $500


1:1 Hourly Session

✓ ONE 60-minute video conference session to tackle specific personal branding challenges

✓ All points covered during call sent via email

✓ Session recorded for you to keep

Your Investment: $175



Please Note: The more time we have together, the more you'll will get out of my expertise. Just like anything else, growth and strategies take time! I want to spend as much 1:1 time with you as possible. I want to see you WIN! 


Here’s how this works✨...

  • After you fill out your application, we will start with a beautiful 30-minute VIP Discovery Call to see if we are a good fit to work together. This is where we can discuss your goals, roadblocks, and what you need most out of coaching.
  • Once we have made the decision to move forward together on this epic journey, we will book your first POWER SESSION to map out your goals, offers and plan your strategy. We overhaul your mindset for success so you feel unstoppable on this personal branding journey.
  • We check in each week with a personalized in-depth POWER SESSION to keep you on track towards your goals (8 x 90 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions through ZOOM that are recorded for you).
  • You have VIP access to me. This means you have message and voice note so we can chat about any and all things relating to your personal branding (or life) - we are in this 100% together!
  • A BLOSSOMING bonus session on completion to finish on a high point and map out your next steps so you’re totally supported moving forward.


I’m here to help you put all the strategies, funnels and systems in place to get you the results you crave!


My particular genius is positioning you as an online expert and to equip you with the tools in your toolkit to make an impact with your personal brand --- so you finally have the abundant business, life, and balance you desire.


Want to work with me?

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