Empowering the Entrepreneurial Chica, Monetizing the ChicaVoice™.






We believe every Chica Voice is unique. So, every Chica must recognize, create, and refine a uniquely individualized standard of personal success. Every Chica is thus capable of growing the uniquely sweet fruit of a fulfilling life as an independent Entrepreneur. Your ChicaConfident.com community will create authentic opportunities, and will grow each Member into a successful  blogger for years to come.





ChicaConfident Empowerment ™ is our Core Value for all our Chica bloggers. Why? Our blog empowers you by helping you learn, share, and collaborate with other like-minded entrepreneurs --- Chicas who share your journey. This nurturing community is the essential catalyst to your personal and professional growth --- intellectually, emotionally, and socially. 






Our Chica Diversity brings us true Chica Authenticity. And your personal Chica Authenticity will grow your ultimate success as a blogger. So, Chica Confident promotes our Core Value of Empowerment for all Chica Confident bloggers across their uniquely personal platforms. Our proven step-by-step Chica Confident approach frees your creativity and unleashes the expertise of your inner Chica! With Chica Confident, you will succeed professionally in your blogging endeavors!


1. ChicaConfident.com™️ exists to empower, educate, and enrich the professional skills, lives & relationships of entrepreneurially-minded Chicas everywhere. 

2. ChicaConfident.com™️ empowers Chicas through active Membership in our vibrant and uniquely supportive ChicaBlog, which serves Chicas online by maintaining an informative, caring and sharing Entrepreneurial Community that specifically addresses their needs and interests. 


3. ChicaConfident.com™️ recognizes that Chicas ™ can gain the increased confidence, competence, and collaboration
they need to fully clarify their personal Vision of Success, articulate their own unique Entrepreneurial Vision, and bring their own unique Chica Dreams ™ to reality through active Membership in our informative, positive, and empowering ChicaBlog ™.

4. ChicaConfident.com™️ believes that all Chicas, regardless of age, education, socioeconomic status, marital or relationship status, political orientation or religion – all bring uniquely powerful Chica Abilities, Motivation, Skills, Dreams, and Determination to their passionate pursuit of Entrepreneurial Success and fulfillment of their Dreams. Discrimination on the basis of any of these attributes is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated in our blog community. 

5. ChicaConfident.com™️ believes that Chica Empowerment is maximized only when maintained within the context of Positivity in a nurturing online Community. Personal attacks, profanity, angry argumentation and hate speech of any kind will therefore not be tolerated, as destructive to Chica Achievement and Dream Fulfillment. Authentic Chica Collaboration is thus encouraged as essential for both individual and collective Chica Empowerment.

6. ChicaConfident.com™️ recognizes the fundamental importance of Personal Development as the necessary prequel to every Chica’s successful development of her own small business. The key is to unlock their Inner Chica by objectively identifying their Internal Doubts and External Roadblocks, then eliminating them through the uniquely Chica multimedia Education, Collaboration and Empowerment Resource products available for purchase through our website.

7. ChicaConfident.com™️ Products will strive to unlock and empower your Inner Chica through a variety of high-quality and specifically targeted online Personal Inventories, Online Courses, Powerpoint Presentations, site Links, proprietary Videos, Expert Testimonials, Member Testimonials, and ChicaBlogEntries.   

8. ChicaConfident.com™️ We will listen to our Members and put their needs first, as fellow Members of the ChicaConfident.com family. We will tell the truth and be honest in all we do. We will work hard. All these things honor our Chica Heritage and give Us a renewed sense of our Chica Identity. So, We commit ourselves to nothing less than Chica Excellence in everything we do, from creating Quality Products to providing outstanding Customer Service that Empowers all Chicas to fulfill their Dreams.

9. ChicaConfident.com™️ Our Founder and all our Employees are totally committed to Exemplify these fundamental Values that are foundational to the ChicaConfidentBrand that creates ChicaConfidence. Our Success is thus ultimately achieved only through our Valued Customers, as we strive to facilitate one Entrepreneurial Chica Success at a time. 


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