Welcome to Morgan's Coffeehouse!

Before you get YOUR Latte, let's determine own Entrepreneurial Readiness ™ as a Chica!

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I want you to TRULY envision the following reality . . .

Envision a ChicaLife that allows YOU to call the shots on your OWN business --- hours, location, timeline, & all! A creative space that is as an EXTENSION OF YOU. A space where YOU can share your OWN authentic, genuine, true voice to help someone else out & make a full-time salary doing it.

Due to my ChicaEntrepreneurial Soul, I used to internally CRINGE at the thought of forever working a 9-5 corporate job helping someone else create an empire. Sure, I appreciated the job & I respected my role — but geez did I feel stagnant, frustrated, and unfulfilled professionally. Deep down, I truly wanted to create my OWN brand. Because I knew doing so was me THRIVING AS ME, at my very core & at my very ChicaBEST ™.


Okay. Right now, are YOU thinking to yourself:


"But Morgan, how the heck do I even BEGIN journeying down this ChicaEntrepreneurial Path?!"


If you're thinking this to yourself, you’re so not alone. I once asked myself the same exact question!


Now, Chica ---  I’m here to proclaim the truth from the mountaintop . . .



⚠️ But hear me, Chica — before doing so, you have to come to terms with ALL that you are personally, technically, and professionally⚠️


Then, you can start building YOUR Empire (YOUR ChicaBusiness ™) step by step. Longterm. Like a Marathon, not a Sprint.

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When I first jumped into my ChicaBlog ™ full-time, with BOTH FEET --- I fell hard, several times.

Nonetheless, I always got back up, Chica!

And that persistence, passion, and pursuit has made ALL the difference!

Yes! I’m definitely always learning & growing as a ChicaEntrepreneur™.

Yes! I still have many steps to journey through in my ChicaBusiness™.

But, just because I’m not at step 10 doesn’t mean I can’t teach YOU steps 1,2,3,4, & 5!! That’s FEAR GREMLINS coming out to play, telling me I have limits!

And heck, I've made it my MISSION to educate you on each of these essential, life-changing, & key ChicaEntrepreneur ™ steps so YOU will succeed! Why? Because I genuinely want to encourage YOU to draw from YOUR authentic, organic ChicaRoots™ and blossom as a ChicaBlogger ™.


As a Chica, 

You’re uniquely valuable.

You’re capable.

You're unstoppable.


So, let’s get YOU rolling, shall we?

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