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The challenges in becoming an impactful blogger is a real struggle. It is one that must be wrestled with. I know the difficulties, personally. I am are here to initiate a fire in you to become more aware of yourself, confident and successful in your blogging journey. I hope to ignite a sense of self-confidence & empowerment via online-course education & community. Helping you is my passion, aspiration and mission. NOW is the time for you to feel empowered enough to go after the life you want! 

"I know that every single day I hope to make an impact. I fight to be different. I strive to feel truly alive and internally beautiful. I desire people to look at me and do a 'double take'. And I do not mean that in a vain way. I simply want to stand out, to be a positive leader and to know everyone & everything around me deeper. To me, it is a matter of doing something crazy, embracing what challenges you, and following a path that brings you peace. Help others, always. Life is too short; make it count."


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