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Terms & Conditions


Now, for the fierce fine print, fresh from a firm of highly skilled and confident lawyers...yep, I'm serious.


[ALL Section HEADERS of this AGREEMENT are quickly Identified by their GOLD labels throughout this Document. Scan these HEADERS to find the Relevant TOPIC you seek]. 



The Subject Headings of ALL the Paragraphs and Sub-Paragraphs of this Agreement are included exclusively for the Convenience of Our ChicaCustomers Only, and shall not Constitute or Impact the Proper Interpretation or Content of ANY of its Extant Provisions. Chica, the HEADINGS just Summarize where You are in the Agreement. Use them like a Street Sign, to Identify where You are in the Agreement, and What Specific Topic is being Discussed.


Any use of, LLC, its name, brand, imaging, or ChicaSite, including ALL materials presented herein and ALL online ChicaServices provided by, LLC, is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions always apply to ALL Site Visitors, Customers, Partners and ancillary viewers of the ChicaSite. By using this ChicaSite or ChicaService, and/or ordering any online product from this ChicaSite, you fully consent to ALL these Terms and Conditions, without modification or constriction of any kind. By reading this Legal Notice, you also provide your Legal Consent to all Terms and Conditions contained herein by simply clicking on your Personal Digital Signature required to access the site. 

The Identificational terms “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Morgan,” “Morgan Tyner,” and "," and all uses of proprietary “Chica”-prefixed terms, all refer exclusively to, LLC intellectual properties. All rights reserved. The term “ChicaSite” always refers to, and/or to any or all ancillary online ChicaWebinars, either directly or indirectly connected with, LLC’s ChicaSite. Also, any use of the proprietary terms “ChicaUser,” “You,” and/or “Your,” refers either to the ChicaSite’s service-providing ChicaPartners, our company’s paying ChicaCustomers, or any other incidental ChicaVisitors to the site otherwise uncovered by this Agreement. We’re not  about these fancy names, but they’re necessary and binding. Our Lawyers are serious...the Suits don’t do glamour! provides a valuable virtual ChicaCommunity. Here, ChicaUsers can access ChicaResources on Personal and Entrepreneurial Development, Blogger Influencer Development, Sales and Marketing Development, Small Business Development, and finally, Management and Business Model Development

All ChicaWorkshops, including all proprietary ChicaContent and ChicaServices provided through our exclusive online ChicaAcademy or Site, and all materials obtained (either intentionally or inadvertently) through any other Portal where ChicaUsers may find and/or purchase online ChicaWebinars, ChicaWorkshops, and ChicaPro Community Membership subscriptions, and any or all of Our related ChicaProducts, are now and always the exclusive proprietary Property of, LLC and its Founder. 

Excluding our free ChicaBlog and the Monthly ChicaPro Community Paid Membership, ALL other Products and Services have a Specifically Designated Remunerative Value (listed on the ChicaSite) that is legally Owed by (and expected to be Paid In Full by) the ChicaCustomer, by means of Paypal and/or a Valid Debit or Credit Card. The Verifiable Payment Card must reflect the Verified and Matching Name of the ChicaCustomer at the Time and Point of Purchase. Payment for Services Rendered is ALWAYS required up-front, because these ChicaProducts and ChicaServices specifically assist the ChicaCustomer in harnessing her Inner Chica™️ for her own personal economic Empowerment, Benefit and Profit. Fair is fair, Chica!

FREE NOTICE: Voluntarily and without any legal obligation, from time to time (of its Own free will and its Own exclusive duration and discretion) will provide FREE Products and Services for Our own Promotional purposes only, which are ALWAYS without Remuneration, but ONLY when specifically labeled as “FREE” by Us on Our Site as it currently appears. If the FREE OFFER insignia ceases to appear on the Site, the Product or Service formerly in question is NO LONGER FREE!

For Example: For Market Research Purposes only, from time to time, Morgan will select a random sampling of Chicas as part of a quality-control ChicaBetaTest. The Goal here is to try out as-yet-unpublished ChicaProducts and ChicaServices, for the Purpose of determining needed improvements, increasing efficiency, and measuring overall Product efficacy. Participants in these Tests receive as FREE only the Products and Services being Beta Tested. 

Active, Formal Membership in the ChicaPro Community Membership shall require Complete Remuneration that will be Recurrently Billed and Fully Remitted on a Monthly Basis, due on the MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT DUE DATE. This MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT DUE DATE shall be designated from the numeric monthly date of your first ChicaPurchase, and will be repeated thereafter, recurrently charged on that same monthly date number for each and every subsequent month of your CHICAPRO COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP, in perpetuity. So, if You are asked to Participate, jump right in! After all, Chica, the best things in life really are FREE! 

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION: Remittance shall be accepted ONLY through the Official’s PAYMENT PORTAL, located ONLY within Our ChicaSite. This legally-required Remuneration Payment is always considered legally separate and apart from any other Remuneration Payment owed by the ChicaCustomer’s prior or subsequent free-will purchase of other ChicaProducts and ChicaServices to be found anywhere on Our ChicaSite. The ChicaCustomer consents (in FULL and without exception) to regular monthly billing for ALL billed ChicaProducts and ChicaServices. 

Billing and ALL subsequent Billing Remuneration Payments shall continue monthly, unless provided in advance by the Customer of Record with a WRITTEN NOTICE OF CANCELLATION RECEIVED NO LESS THAN 30 DAYS BEFORE THE INTENDED DATE OF CANCELLATION. This Cancellation E-mail must be received from the official email account used in your original ChicaRegistration. Alternative E-mail accounts are not verifiably matching, and therefore will not constitute your fulfillment of your required legal notice of the necessary 30-day cancellation. In such cases, Billing will Continue. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow the above procedures, and sign your CANCELLATION E-mail with your own personal Digital Signature. Only THEN will you receive an E-mail confirmation of your MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION, and only upon receipt of this written official confirmation from CHICACONFIDENT.COM of your Cancellation, is your Membership and cancelled, and your Billing shall cease. Morgan wants you to know that she loves you, do the right thing!!!



To access or use this ChicaSite, you legally affirm that your age is 18 years or older, and that you have the legal right, requisite power and personal authority to enter into these legal and financial Terms and Conditions. Anyone under the age of 18 is PROHIBITED from using the ChicaSite. If you’re under 18 and reading this, I’m impressed, but that said, “Come back when you’re 18.” See ya!

NO SITE OR CONTENT EDITING BUT BY US! ALL Information provided either on the Site or through other ChicaServices that is related to Marketing, Small Business Management, Female Entrepreneurship, and other content, is exclusively subject to’s editing, revision, inclusion, and even elimination from both its online ChicaSites and its related Consulting materials. Morgan Tyner makes no representation or guarantee that the information provided, regardless of its source (the “Content”), is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. It is the sole opinion of Morgan Tyner. Morgan really likes you, but she categorically disclaims any and all liability for any perceived inaccuracy, error, omission or unclarity in the Content!


REMEMBER: In order to use ANY Products & Services, You are required to provide Accurate and Complete ChicaUserInformation about Yourself, including Your Legal Name, Personal Email Address, as well as Your chosen ChicaUsername and ChicaPassword. You LEGALLY CONSENT (as a condition of both ChicaMembership and of being any type of official ChicaCustomer) that ANY and ALL ChicaRegistration Information that is given by the ChicaCustomer to and/or to Morgan Tyner, is legally assumed to be Accurate, Up-to-Date, and Legally Binding. Take this seriously, FakeChica!!!

Therefore, failure to be complete, honest, or Up-to-Date concerning Your ChicaMembership and/or ChicaCustomer Account Information (including Credit Card Names and Account Numbers, your 3-digit CVC security codes on the back of your Credit Cards, and Your Card’s Expiration Dates) will result in immediate Termination of all Your Products & Services, and Suspension and/or Deletion of Your ChicaAccount at the sole discretion of and its Management. is always about ChicaAuthenticity and unleashing your best ChicaSelf. Why pretend to be anyone but YOUR Authentic ChicaSelf? Not good, Chica! It goes against Our ChicaMission.

Your ChicaAccount may NEVER be used for ANY Illegal or Unauthorized purpose. You must not (in using or attempting to use Our ChicaServices, ChicaProducts, and/or ChicaMembership) violate any applicable Laws in any legal jurisdiction. Morgan Tyner and/or always reserves the legal Right to Refuse Service to Anyone, based on their intentional or unintentional Provision of false, incomplete, inaccurate or deceptive ChicaAccount Information. Chicas, Remember: we just don’t EVER tolerate “Illegal” in Our ChicaCommunity. 



You may use Our ChicaSite (and all its inclusive ChicaPro Community Memberships, ChicaProducts, and ChicaServices) for Lawful purposes only. Your ChicaAccount cannot be used for any Illegal or Unauthorized Purposes of ANY kind. You may NEVER, in the Use of Our ChicaSite and its ChicaServices, violate ANY applicable Laws in Your (or any other) jurisdiction. Again, We really don’t do illegal. Follow the ChicaRules!

SIMPLY BY REGISTERING ON OUR ChicaSite WITH YOUR Personal Digital Signature, YOU ARE THEREBY MADE LEGALLY AND FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL ChicaPurchases, MADE EITHER BY YOU, OR BY SOMEONE ELSE ACTING VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOUR ESTABLISHED ChicaSite Account. You LEGALLY CONSENT (in FULL and without Exception or Restriction) TO USE THE ChicaSite TO PURCHASE ChicaServices, ChicaProducts, OR ChicaPro Community Membership, FOR LEGITIMATE NON-COMMERCIAL PURPOSES ONLY. Chica, keep your ChicaAccount info Private. You’ll be glad you did!

You shall not post or transmit through Our ChicaSite any material which violates or infringes the rights of others, or which is threatening, abusive, defamatory, libelous, discriminatory, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, vulgar, obscene, profane or otherwise objectionable, containing injurious formulas, recipes, or instructions, which encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil unrest, liability or otherwise violate any applicable Law. Chica, If you don’t have anything nice to say, then this isn’t the right Site for You to say anything at ALL. Remember, This is ALWAYS a positive, encouraging ChicaCommunity for ChicaEntrepreneurs ™. If you don’t dance to the ChicaTune of ALL Our Songs (the ChicaRules), then You’ll be asked to leave Our ChicaParty (and nobody likes getting thrown out of Our happening ChicaParty)!



Morgan Tyner and reserves the exclusive Right to Refuse Service to Anyone (Person or Entity) for any Reason. Morgan Tyner and further reserve the exclusive Right to limit the numbers and/or class sizes of ChicaMemberships and ChicaParticipants in any given ChicaWebinar associated with ChicaAcademy or Furthermore, Morgan Tyner reserves the Exclusive Personal Right as Founder of, LLC, to change or discontinue ANY aspect or feature of the ChicaSite or ChicaAcademy at ANY time she deems fit, or as circumstances may require. Hey Chicas, Remember: My Company, My Way! You’ll be the same way when you get your own Site ChicaRolling!




Whenever you place an order for ANY ChicaProduct or ChicaService, We will automatically E-mail you a Confirmation of ChicaPurchase to confirm the placement, acceptance and receipt of Your order. Your Confirmation of ChicaPurchase will contain the relevant details concerning ALL ChicaProducts or ChicaServices to be delivered. In the unlikely event that You the ChicaCustomer find this Confirmation of ChicaPurchase to be in Error, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inform us IN WRITING BY E-MAIL WITHIN 72 HOURS. Help make more efficient and responsive to Your needs by keeping your Order information accurate. So, make sure you get your Order exactly right the first time. Double-check it! We really love Our Chicas, & Our 2 ChicaGoals are (1) To GET YOUR ORDER RIGHT, and (2) To HELP YOU GROW YOUR ChicaBusiness!

Once you’ve signed up for a monthly ChicaPro Community Membership Subscription with Us, then the Subscription renews automatically each month. Your Credit Card will be charged the stated fee at the Point and Time of Registration and Purchase. Your subscription starts immediately, as soon as Your Credit Card Remuneration clears. Our ChicaPro Community Membership is so awesome that we know you’ll NEVER want to cancel! These Chicas will become Your TRUE Online Family, a Source of Support and Inspiration!



All purchased online ChicaProducts and ChicaServices are downloadable from Our ChicaSite once payment is confirmed, and are accessible thereafter through Your Personal ChicaLogin. All Online purchases are considered final. (See the Refunds Section for all Refund Policies and Procedures).  All live online ChicaAcademy Webinars & ChicaPro Community Memberships encompass a specific time period. Refunds can be obtained no later than 48 hours before the first day that ChicaAcademy Webinars begin. 

ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS FOR ChicaAcademy ONCE WEBINARS HAVE BEGUN. If you’d like to cancel Your monthly ChicaPro Community Membership Subscription, you may do so no later than 30 days from the time of Our receipt of a personal E-mail notice of Your Written Intent to Cancel Membership. This Cancellation Notice must be written by the ChicaMember, then sent to Us by way of the officially registered E-mail address of the cancelling ChicaCustomer.  Then (and only then) your ChicaPro Community Membership charges shall cease, after receipt of your Cancellation Notice, beginning at the conclusion of the 30-day billing interval the following month. This Membership Cancellation Policy applies only to online ChicaServices provided through the ChicaSite, and not to ancillary ChicaProducts (tangible Products such as jewelry, accessories, books, ChicaPresets, E-books, etc.) periodically made available by the Company through, LLC. Those ChicaProducts have a standard 30-day written notice, with Return of Product and ChicaReceipt required for all Refunds to be considered. Chica, You’re gonna love’s plethora of Authentic, 



Disclaimer: We pledge both to describe and display our ChicaProducts and ChicaServices as accurately as possible, to help You make the best ChicaBuying decision. While we try to be as clear as possible in accurately defining our ChicaProducts and ChicaServices, our ChicaSite, like any other, may not always be entirely error-free. As any Blogger knows, Typos happen! From time to time, we may need to correct unintended errors in Pricing and Product description, because we might not have drank enough potent and yummy coffee the day we erroneously published something. So, We at Reserve the Vendor Right to Refuse or Cancel any Order with an incorrect price or ChicaProduct/Service listing.



You shall not upload, post or otherwise make available on this ChicaSite any artwork, photos or other digital Materials (collectively labeled “Materials”) protected by copyright, trademark or other proprietary legal right, without the expressed written permission of the copyright owner, Trademark Owner, or proprietary right holder. The burden of determining whether any Materials are so Protected rests entirely on You. Chicas, It really izzzz on YOU! You really will be liable for any Damages resulting from any Infringement of Copyrights, Trademarks, Proprietary Rights, or any other harm resulting from Your unlawful Submission onto our ChicaSite

No action on Your part shall leave Morgan Tyner or her Company liable in ANY way, for ANY reason, against ANY claim against herself or her Company, resulting from any unauthorized posting by You of legally protected Materials to the site. For all Materials You submit to the ChicaSite, You automatically take FULL legal responsibility and ownership that You have the legitimate legal authority to use and distribute these Materials, and that such use or display of these Materials will not violate any known laws, rules, regulations or rights of third parties in this or any other jurisdiction.

Morgan Tyner and, LCC, also reserves the right to remove from the ChicaSite any Materials submitted by you that Management deems inappropriate for the site, or that appears proprietary, or that violates any or all of these Terms and Conditions.



EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: When addressing financial matters regarding any of our ChicaSites, Videos, Newsletters, Programs or other related ChicaContent, We’ve taken every effort to ensure that We accurately represent our ChicaPrograms. We honestly have delimited the scope of Our Products’ and Services’ abilities to grow and develop your Entrepreneurial ChicaBusiness and thereby improve your ChicaLife. However, the Company does not (nor cannot) guarantee that You will necessarily get any specific level or nature of results from our ChicaSite. Nor can We (or do We) guarantee in any way that You will automatically earn any money simply by using any of our proprietary ChicaIdeas, ChicaTools, ChicaStrategies or ChicaConsulting. Earnings are dependent on Your learning, Your work ethic, and Your business model--not on Us. So hear me, Chica: nothing on our ChicaSite is a promise or guarantee of any kind to you of future earnings. You will get what you earn, and you will earn after you learn!




By purchasing any ChicaProduct or ChicaService created by Morgan Tyner and/or CHICACONFIDENT.COM, LLC through your Electronic Signature, you fully Understand, Acknowledge, and Consent that You alone are solely and fully Responsible for your own ChicaProgress. You as a voluntary ChicaParticipant are therefore personally Responsible for all Outcomes resulting from your own voluntary level and quality of Participation in our ChicaSite. What a Chica puts in, a Chica gets out! 

We at, LLC, offer NO Representations, Warranties or Guarantees of any kind (either verbally or in writing) regarding your personal ChicaEarnings, ChicaBusiness profits, ChicaMarketing performance, numeric ChicaCustomer growth, or any related ChicaResults of any kind. Chica: You alone are solely Responsible for Your own actions regarding the ChicaDevelopment, ChicaUse, and ChicaApplication of ChicaSkills, ChicaProducts, and ChicaServices obtained through our ChicaSite. 


ALL ChicaResults are always dependent on Personal ChicaFactors fully discussed on the ChicaSite, including (but not necessarily limited to) your personal ChicaSkills, ChicaKnowledge, ChicaAbilities, ChicaDedication, ChicaBusiness savvy, ChicaPartnerships and ChicaFinancial condition. Through Your Electronic Signature, You also legally Acknowledge that any ChicaTestimonials or ChicaEndorsements by other ChicaCustomers or ChicaAudiences represented in or by ANY of Our ChicaPrograms, ChicaSites, and/or ChicaContent (including Chica Landing Pages, Sales Pages or exclusive Promotional Offers) cannot be scientifically evaluated by us for Universal Effectiveness, and as such hold no legal Liability of any kind on the part of, LLC. Hey Chica, Remember: ChicaBusiness is not just Science. It’s also an arbitrary Art that must be practiced and improved by ChicaEntrepreneurs. Your individual ChicaMastery only comes over time!

Therefore, any and all ChicaResults experienced by Our ChicaCustomers may vary significantly, due to no Liable fault of any kind on behalf of, LLC. So, any and all ChicaStatements outlined on Our ChicaSite, Our ChicaPrograms, Our ChicaContent, and ChicaProducts and Services, are simply Our arbitrary ChicaOpinion. These ChicaOpinions are NOT universal or legally binding in any way. Nor is there any profession of legally enforceable Guarantees, Outcomes, or Promises of Your actual ChicaPerformance by the Company. We NEVER offer ANY legally-regulated Professional, Legal, Medical, Psychological or Financial Advice of any kind, and therefore as a Company have ZERO legal Liability for your ChicaApplication of Our ChicaOpinion. Chica, Our Advice is ALWAYS ChicaFriendly but never legally binding!



Morgan Tyner (and the entirety of Our CHICACONFIDENT.COM, LLC Company) claims total and complete Ownership across time of ANY and ALL ChicaCustomer-produced Materials brought online into Our ChicaSite. These include ALL posted videos, still photos, text messages, written responses, emojis, test answers, blog discussions, and any other communicative digital material produced in the midst of ChicaEducational and other related ChicaActivities, which you as a ChicaCustomer supply online to Morgan Tyner (and the entirety of Our CHICACONFIDENT.COM, LLC Company). Remember: If it lands on Our Site, it belongs to Us, Chica! We WILL Patrol! 👮

As the exclusive Owners of all ChicaContent, We Reserve the Right to remove any and all postings and uploads of prurient, offensive, violent, sexist, racist, profane, illegal-substance-based, partisan political, stereotypical or attacking Materials, whether text-based, image-based, graphic-based, or audio-based, of any kind. We will NOT tolerate any Communicative Materials which may legitimately offend Our ChicaMembers are not consistent with Our ChicaValues and Our ChicaMission. We Reserve the Right to permanently Remove the Content and/or its ChicaCreatorAccount from Our ChicaSite. Remember, again: If it lands on Our Site, it belongs to Us, Chica! We WILL Patrol! 👮

However, the simple, Individually-determined, freewill Act of Posting any and all Materials to the ChicaSite, automatically conveys an irrevocable, worldwide License exclusive to Morgan Tyner (and the entirety of Our CHICACONFIDENT.COM, LLC Company). It is for Morgan’s ultimate Use, Control, and Ownership ONLY, and Her Exclusive Right to Distribute ANY, ALL, or NONE of the Materials posted by either Herself, or others using or on Her ChicaSite, in connection with Morgan Tyner’s Company and any related Morgan Tyner ChicaProducts, ChicaServices, ChicaPublications, or ChicaPartnerships. Remember, Chica: It’s Morgan’s Digital and Legal World. She Created It; You’re just living in it!


COPYRIGHT INCLUSION AND INFRINGEMENT POLICY, LLC fully supports and enforces all Copyrights and its concomitant procedures on ALL of Its ChicaSite. To Protect both the ChicaCustomer and Our Company from any and all legal Liability (perceived or actual) which might accrue or (be perceived to have accrued) to a ChicaCustomer, ChicaSite Visitor, or an otherwise unspecified Third Party, THE FOLLOWING POLICY IS IMPLEMENTED WITHOUT EXCEPTION. 

The Company TOTALLY PROHIBITS ANY AND ALL PREVIOUSLY PROTECTED COPYRIGHTED CONTENT (WHOSE RIGHTS ARE HELD BY YOU AND/OR OTHERS), AND ALL NEWLY SUBMITTED NON-COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL WHOSE CHICAAUTHOR MAY INTEND TO HAVE IT COPYRIGHTED IN THE FUTURE, FROM BEING POSTED ON ANY CHICASITE. This Includes being ChicaPosted, Uploaded, Texted, or Digitally Shared in Any Way By or Through Any Platform, In Any Such Manner as to Situate Any And/or All of Such Content, in any Form, on Any and/or All ChicaSites. Violators will have their Illegal Content removed from the ChicaSite as soon as it appears and is Identified. After one warning, any Repeat Violator to the CopyRight Policy will have their ChicaAccount suspended and/or Terminated immediately, at Morgan’s sole Discretion. Chica, We want you to stick around! So, if you wanna stay in the ChicaParty, then by all means, Dance in step to Our ChicaTune!

ALL LEGAL LIABILITY WILL REMAIN SOLELY UPON THE CHICACUSTOMER FOR ANY SUCH ILLEGAL AND/OR PROHIBITED POSTING, TEXTING, and/or UPLOADING ACTIVITY ON OUR CHICASITES.  Through your Digital Signature, and by Submitting any and all online Material to Morgan Tyner and Her ChicaSites, (along with the entirety of Our CHICACONFIDENT.COM, LLC Company), you Legally Certify that Your Provided Content is totally COPYRIGHT-FREE, and holds NO Liability for, LLC. Your Digital Signature also Certifies that you cannot hold Morgan Tyner and/or Her Company and its Associates) as Liable for any and/or all legal Liability claims. Chica: Don’t post or upload stuff that doesn’t belong to You. If it’s not in the Public Domain, it will cause you serious legal pain!

It is immaterial whether these Claims are based on either Perceived or Actual Liabilities, and/or whether Expected or Unexpected Expenses may (partially or fully) accrue to You or Third Party Claimants working out of any (potential or actual) Copyright or Trademark Misappropriation or Infringement that is committed by You against Others. Such Claims made against You (the ChicaCustomer or ChicaSite Visitor), by any Copyright or Trademark-holding Third Party is thus by definition outside of Our Company and its purview. We are NOT Responsible for any Copyright or trademark Violation committed by YOU on Our ChicaSite against our Policies and/or applicable Laws, in any way whatsoever. Chica: If you won’t do the time, don’t commit the crime! Be original. Be Chica!


ALL ChicaContent provided on Our ChicaSite and provided by Our ChicaServices, including all ChicaProducts, Our online ChicaAcademy (including all ChicaWebinars), and ChicaProCommunity  Membership Materials are the exclusive Intellectual Property of Morgan Tyner. The content of all Her ChicaSites and ChicaServices are protected by United States Trademark and Trade Dress (i.e., Our Logo, Our Product Emblems, and Our ChicaSite Content). They are Copyrighted and Trademarked to the FULL extent allowed by State and Federal Law. You may NOT modify, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer or sale of, create derivative works from, distribute, display, reproduce or perform, or in ANY way exploit in any format whatsoever any of the Content of the ChicaSite and/or ChicaServices, in Whole or in Part, without the expressed, exclusive, prior, Written Consent of Morgan Tyner. You may NOT Remove any Trademark, Copyright, or other Notice from any posted ChicaContent contained within the ChicaSite or its related ChicaServices. Chica: Leave Others’ Copyrights and Trademarks ALONE!

We Reserve the absolute, exclusive Right to immediately remove You and Your Content  from ALL Our ChicaSites and ChicaServices, without Refund, and to concurrently Pursue all available legal Remedies against YOU, if you are EVER caught violating this Intellectual Property Policy. You can be civilly liable Yourself for such activity. Our Company will fully Exercise its legal Rights for the Protection of both Itself and Our ChicaCustomers as needed. So, Chica: In other words, Don’t Steal. You won’t get away with it!

AMENDMENTS TO TERMS AND CONDITIONS, LLC and/or Morgan Tyner reserve the exclusive and absolute Right to Amend any and/or all of Our Terms and Conditions at ANY time. Such changes are Binding, and will remain in effect in perpetuity, unless a subsequent Amendment to Terms and Conditions should be issued that directly supercedes the currently standing Terms and Conditions. Amendments to Terms and Conditions are thus effective Immediately upon Our Posting Online. ALL Amendments to Terms and Conditions will always appear Online on ANY and/or ALL of Our impacted ChicaSite pages. 

So, ANY Use of the ChicaSite or its ChicaServices by You the ChicaCustomer or ChicaVisitor (subsequent to being notified of any Amendments to Our Terms and Conditions through Your Digital Signature) means that You automatically LEGALLY CONSENT to abide by ANY and ALL of these Posted Amendments to Our Terms and Conditions. We the Company Reserve the absolute and exclusive Right to Revise any and all portions of Our ChicaSite and its related ChicaServices, including these Terms and Conditions, at any time. We will Post Online the most recent versions of the Revised Terms and Conditions on Our ChicaSite, and shall specify the effective dates of these Amendments on these Amended pages of Our Terms and Conditions. Chica, pay attention to Amendments to the Terms and Conditions. Chica: You must abide by ALL Amendments to Our Terms and Conditions. They keep Us moving forward together!



You agree that under NO circumstances whatsoever shall the Company and/or Morgan Tyner be legally Liable for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive, exemplary, or any other damages arising out of Your Own completely Voluntary Use of our ChicaSite. You shall always remain under Our Terms and Conditions when utilizing Our any or all of ChicaProducts and ChicaServices. Additionally, the Company and/or Morgan Tyner is not Liable for any or all perceived or actual Damages thought to be in connection with (i) any failure of performance, error, omission, denial of service, attack, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus or line or system failure experienced through Your interaction with Our ChicaSite; (ii) Any loss of Your partial or total Revenue, Your anticipated Profits, loss of Your Business itself, Your personal Savings, Your Goodwill Reputation, or proprietary Data; and (iii) Third Party theft of, destruction of, unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of, your information or property. This is without regard to any perceived or actual gross Negligence, failure of the ChicaSite to technically function properly,  and whether any such perceived Liability arises out of negligence, contract, tort, or ANY other theory of legal Liability.

ALL the foregoing applies to ALL ChicaCustomers and/or ChicaVisitors. This is true even if Morgan Tyner and/or, LLC have been advised of the possibility of Liability, or if it is perceived by the ChicaCustomer and/or ChicaVisitor that, LLC and/or Morgan Tyner could have (or should have) foreseen any and all claimed Damages. In those States which do not allow the exclusion or limitation of Liability for such perceived or claimed Damages, our actual Liability shall be limited to the smallest possible extent of remuneration for Damages permitted by Law. Under NO conditions whatsoever shall Morgan Tyner’s (and/or the Company’s cumulative Liability to you), exceed the total purchase price of the ChicaService or ChicaProduct that You have voluntarily purchased through Your free-will Digital Signature on Our ChicaSite. If a purchase of ChicaProducts or ChicaServices directly corresponding to Your accusation of Our Liability has NOT actually been made by You, then Morgan Tyner’s cumulative and total actual Liability to You under ANY such circumstances and for ANY such ChicaCustomer-perceived Reason, shall be limited to, and shall never exceed, $1. Chica: We love You. So, don’t sue Us! You won’t get far and Our highly Skilled and Confident Lawyers are hungry and prepared for Victory!



For Your convenience, Our ChicaSite (and ALL its related and self-contained ChicaProducts and ChicaServices), contains helpful links to external Third Party Websites and Resources that are not legally or financially related to (or owned by) the Company in any way. Links to such Third-Party Websites or Resources do not EVER imply any Endorsement of that Third Party Entity by (or any Liable affiliation by) Morgan Tyner and/or the Company. You therefore fully Acknowledge and Consent to Sole and Total Legal Responsibility for any Damage-causing Events leading to harmful Outcomes of perceived Liability that may occur in a situation in which You have Voluntarily connected with Third Parties through Our ChicaSite portal. Therefore, You fully Acknowledge and Consent that Morgan Tyner and, LLC has ABSOLUTELY NO Liability for acts committed by You and/or the Third Party, in any context, whatsoever. Chica: You are Responsible for everything that happens on any Site You may Visit through Our ChicaPortal that is not Our ChicaSite!

[So, You Acknowledge and Consent with your Digital Signature that we are NEVER Responsible or Liable for any eventuality in which Our Availability, Content Sufficiency or Accuracy, or Third Party Website Policies or Resources, create any perceived Damage to You Our ChicaCustomer and/or ChicaVisitor, either through Us or through any Third Party Entity or Entities]. 


IN ALL CASES, You shall hold us Harmless and Without Legal Liability from and against any and all Losses, Damages, Settlements, Claims, Costs, Charges, Assessments and Expenses, as well as Third Party Claims and Causes of legal Action. This includes (without limitation) Attorneys’ Fees arising out of any Breach of Agreement by You of any and/or all of these Terms and Conditions. It also applies if any Claim is due to Your Voluntary Use of Our ChicaSite or of Your Use of the ChicaProducts and ChicaServices contained therein. 

Should litigation ensue, You Legally Consent to fully provide Us with such Assistance, without charge, as We may request in connection with ANY such necessary Legal Defense, including (without limitation), providing Us with such Information, Documents, Records, Testimony and Reasonable Access to You, as We and/or Our Legal Counsel and their Representatives deem necessary. You have No legal Right to settle any such Third Party Claim or Waive any Defense involving Morgan Tyner and/or, LLC,  without receiving our Prior Written Consent. Chica, if You use a Third Party Site through Our Portal, and We get Sued, then You’ve gotta help defend Us!!!



NO Provisional Waiver of ANY and/or ALL of the total Provisions contained within this Agreement entered into Voluntarily by You the ChicaCustomer and Morgan Tyner and/or, LLC, shall be deemed, or shall Constitute, a binding Permanent Waiver of any specific Permanent Provision originally present within the Agreement. This is without regard to whether or not the Permanent Provisions and Temporary Provisions are similar. Nor shall any Temporary Waiver EVER constitute a Permanent Waiver. Furthermore, NO Temporary Waiver of any kind or of ANY duration shall be legally Binding, unless it is Executed in Writing by Morgan Tyner and has a stated Date of Waiver Beginning and Date of Waiver End for the said Temporary Waiver. Chica, ALL Temporary Waivers are just that---Temporary! They all will have a Date of Beginning and an Expiration Date. Those Dates are like Digital Fences: they are ChicaBusiness Boundaries. Remember: Good fences make good neighbors! 


ALL ChicaCustomer correspondence, including all Legal Notices, Requests for Assistance, and any other proprietarily-related Communications (addressed or unaddressed) under this Agreement must be Communicated in Writing in order to get a response.  Please Address Your Correspondence as follows:, 209 Pinecrest Lane, Fairhope, Alabama, 36532



This Agreement shall be strictly Construed and Interpreted in Accordance with (and exclusively governed by) the applicable laws of the State of Nevada, as properly applied to ALL Parties Voluntarily entering into this Binding Contract, which is being executed and performed entirely within and under the purview of Nevada law. 

The Exclusive Legal and Jurisdictional Venue for any Arbitration or in-Court proceeding based on (or arising out of) the Legal Construal and Interpretation of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement shall be exclusively held within the physical Court and legal jurisdiction of Baldwin County, AL. ALL Parties FULLY CONSENT to Resolve any Dispute, Claim or Controversy arising out of (or relating to) this Agreement through Voluntary Court Mediation

Such Mediation shall be Conducted under the Officially-recognized Mediation procedures of the CPR Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution, or another professionally-recognized MediationProcedure upon which the Parties may alternatively and by unanimous Agreement choose; or in the Event that the presiding Judge shall Order another Mediation method. ALL Parties further Consent that their respective good faith Participation in said Mediation is a pre-condition, necessarily precedent in time, before any Parties may file for or pursue otherwise available Legal or equitable Remedies, including Litigation, Arbitration or other Dispute Resolution procedures. Chica, save these Technicalities for the Lawyers. Don’t put Yourself in a position to need one. Follow the ChicaRules!!!



If ANY Legal Action, ANY Arbitration, or ANY OTHER Proceeding is legally undertaken by Morgan Tyner and/or for the purpose of Enforcement of ANY and/or ALL of the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

A legal Allegation of Dispute, Breach, Default, or Misrepresentation by or against either the Company and/or Morgan Tyner, may be undertaken by a ChicaCustomer or ChicaVisitor, who is Contesting ANY and/or ALL of the Terms and Provisions of this Agreement.

However, upon final legal Adjudication by the presiding final Authority, the prevailing Party or Parties shall be Entitled to Recover reasonable Attorneys’ Fees and other Costs incurred in that Action or Proceeding (not including any other Relief to which the Parties may be Entitled). 

Rebel Chica: If you force Our Lawyers to WORK by suing Us, then when We WIN (and we WILL Win!), You will be REQUIRED to pay ALL Our Attorneys’ Fees, plus any related Expenses. Word to the Wise: Don’t Risk it



If any Term, Provision, Covenant, or Condition (within the specified Terms and Provisions of this Agreement) is finally and legally Judged by an Arbitrator (who is presiding over the final Court of legitimate Jurisdiction, as defined by the extant Agreement) to be either Invalid, Void, or Unenforceable, then the Remainder of this Agreement shall continue to function with the full force of Law. 

The striking down of a particular Provision incorporated in this Agreement (by legal decision of the final judicial Authority) in no way Invalidates, Voids, or makes Unenforceable the remaining Agreement Writ Large, unless so specified by that final Authority. Otherwise, Severability of this Agreement shall be upheld, except in cases so ordered by the presiding final Authority. The legally-supported, remaining Portion of this Original Agreement shall remain in full Effect. The upheld Portion of Our Agreement will in NO WAY be Denied, Constricted, or Reinterpreted, with regard to the Plaintiff’s Responsibilities to Morgan Tyner and, LLC. Chica: Winning a Battle over one Issue in Our Agreement doesn’t necessarily win the War to Alter the entire Agreement! You still must follow ALL its remaining Terms & Conditions.



ALL Terms and Conditions in this Mutual Agreement are Written and Intended expressly to Bind and Inure both Parties for the purpose of shared Reciprocal Benefits (quid pro quo) with regard to both Parties’ Successors and Assigns. Nevertheless, ALL extant Terms and Conditions are NEVER Assignable, Delegable, Sublicenseable or Otherwise transferable by You the ChicaCustomer, ChicaVisitor, or Third Party, unless You receive the Written, Directly Expressed, Legal Consent of Morgan Tyner and/or, LLC. Any Transfer, Assignment, Delegation or Sub-licensing attempted by You the ChicaCustomer, the ChicaVisitor, or any other Third Party, is expressly Invalid without the Directly Expressed Written Consent of Morgan Tyner and/or, LLC. 

After actual written Approval, ALL Successor and Assignment Claims and their Changes must be maintained in Writing on file with Morgan Tyner and, LLC. Otherwise, the Company and Morgan Tyner are not Bound by any such Changes, nor are we Obligated legally in any way to Retroactively acknowledge or Consent to any such changes, without Written approval from Us

If the Documentation of Your Successor or Assignment Change Request and Approval for those Changes has not been Received within 30 days of the Company’s affirmative Response, We reserve the Exclusive Right to protect the Clarity and Specificity of Our Client Records and Privileges at all times by denying that Claim

This Protection of Our Terms and Conditions is fulfilled by denying ANY and ALL Spurious Claims for such Assignment and Successor Changes, defined as Claims that violate any of Our written Provision Requirements concerning Successor and Assignment Changes stated within the above Provisions of Our Terms and Conditions

Chica: If YOU want to make Written Changes to Our ChicaAgreement, then You MUST FIRST Write the Company and make Your specific Change Request known in ChicaWriting to Morgan. Then, the specifics of Her decision will be made and will likewise be sent to You Online in Written Form. Nothing shall Change if and until You are Contacted in Writing by Morgan and/or Her duly and Officially recognized Agent through, LLC.


EVERY Effort has been made to accurately Represent the, LLC brand, Our ChicaMission, ChicaValues, ChicaPurpose, ChicaBusiness Model, and ChicaProfit Potential for participating ChicaCustomers (mitigated by both Internal and External ChicaFactors stated earlier within this Agreement’s Terms and Conditions). 

If YOU have Unresolved Questions about ANY aspect of, its ChicaProducts, ChicaWebinars and/or its Consulting ChicaServices, especially those related to YOUR Potential Profitability and Our Company’s lack of any Liability for YOUR personal technical mastery of Our ChicaContent and uniquely Entrepreneurial business application of Our ChicaProducts and ChicaServices, please E-mail Us. Chica: Don’t hesitate to E-mail Us if You’ve got a Tough ChicaQuestion. Don’t Forget, answers to your basic ChicaQuestions can be found on the FAQ ChicaPage. 

This ChicaSite and the ChicaProducts offered therein are NOT Associated, Affiliated, Endorsed, or Sponsored by other Third Party Businesses, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and ALL other similar Social Media Outlets. Nor have these Third Party Companies been Reviewed, Tested or Certified by Our Company for their Compatibility with Our ChicaPlatform, ChicaSites, ChicaProducts, and ChicaServices. So, the Company and Morgan Tyner are NEVER Responsible (or Liable) for ANY Loss of PROFIT that may be experienced by ANY particular ChicaCustomer or ChicaVisitor, when they Voluntarily engage in personal ChicaBusiness with an unrelated Third Party Company through Our ChicaSites. Chica: Break Away from at your Own RISK!


There is NO ChicaGuarantee that YOU personally will EVER Earn any particular financial Level of ChicaProfit at any given Developmental Point across Time, either during or after YOUR ChicaBusiness Development and YOUR Company Affiliation is completed. This is TRUE without regard of whether YOU utilize and engage in business with ANY or ALL of the ChicaTechniques and ChicaConcepts found within Our ChicaSite Materials, and whether or not they are used Voluntarily by YOU in Tandem with other non-related Third Party Companies or Individuals

Examples contained in these Materials are for Educational Purposes Only. ALL ChicaContent is NEVER to be construed in any way, form, or fashion as a Liable ChicaPromise or ChicaGuarantee from the Company of any particular, desired, inferred, or idealized amount to be expected as Your personal, given level of ChicaEarnings

ChicaEarning Potential is therefore Dependent ENTIRELY upon the Chica Herself, NOT on the Company. The ChicaSuccess is the Chica who is continuously working to improve her ChicaSkills by learning first how to ChicaBlog, and then how to proceed toward ChicaBlogging Mastery. She does this using our ChicaProducts, ChicaServices, and ChicaConsulting. We do not position Our ChicaProducts, ChicaServices, or Our ChicaProCommunity as a “get rich scheme.” NO quick financial fixes here, Chica™. You’ve got to put in ALL Your ChicaTraining Time, to make ALL Your ChicaDimes!

Your uniquely Personal Level of ChicaSuccess in Attaining Personally Desired Financial Results by means of exclusively utilizing our Materials (as Stated earlier in Our Terms and Conditions) will ALWAYS depends on a myriad of ChicaFactors. Many of these are far beyond the Locus of Control and legal Liability of Our Company. FIVE FACTORS OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS include (but are not limited to): (a) the Amount of dedicated Time YOU devote to ChicaTraining on Our ChicaSite; (b) the Time spent Offsite practicing ChicaBlogging, ChicaIdeas, ChicaMethods, and ChicaTechniques; (c) Your Current Personal and ChicaBusiness Financial Condition with regard to Cash Flow; (d) the Availability and Acquisition of Outside Investment Capital to be applied to accelerate and/or Fund the development of YOUR ChicaBusiness; and (e) YOUR PERSONAL LEVEL OF TECHNICAL EXPERTISE with regard to ChicaBlogging

Since these FACTORS OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS differ from Chica to Chica, Our ChicaEducationalMaterials (including our ChicaProducts exclusively found our ChicaSite, may contain ChicaFinancialInformation, including Statements cited from within the meaning of the Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. They occasionally may contain “Forward-Looking Statements,”  which may provide our ChicaExpectations or ChicaForecasts of future financial or Chica-Related Events. These Forward-Looking Statements are ChicaIdentifiable by the apparent Fact that they do not relate strictly to verifiable Historical Events of the Past or Currently Demonstrable Facts of the Present. Instead, such Forward-Looking Statements rely on words such as “Anticipate,” “Estimate,” “Expect,” “Project,” “Intend,” “Plan,” “Believe,” and other Terms of similar Import and Intent. These Terms generally take on meanings similar to (or in connection with) Our earlier listed description of example Forward-Looking Terms, and are intended not to prognosticate, but to raise the possibility of, Potential ChicaEarnings or ChicaFinancial Performance, or ChicaProfits. As such, the Company and Morgan Tyner are by NO means Liable for the fulfillment of such Terms

So, ANY and ALL Forward-Looking Statements perceived to be given or implied within Our Terms and Conditions (or falsely perceived to be Found or Implied within any of Our ChicaSales Materials) are rather expressly Intended to merely provide Our transient Opinion of ChicaEarnings potential. This Opinion ALWAYS occurs within Our given Educational context. Opinions and Examples are NEVER directly applicable to YOUR personal context, but are used for Educational purposes only, to provide ChicaStudents with practical opportunities to apply their growing but Incomplete ChicaSkills and ChicaKnowledge. The Many FACTORS identified Above will be important in determining Your actual ChicaResults, and NO ChicaGuarantees are made that You will achieve results similar to Ours or those of any Others to whom You may wish to compare Yourself. In Fact, no such ChicaGuarantees are made or implied anywhere on Our ChicaSite that suggest YOU will achieve any specific level of ChicaFinancialResults emanating from Our ChicaMethods, ChicaTechniques, ChicaIdeas, ChicaBlogs, or any other Chica-related ChicaProducts or ChicaServices Contained within Our ChicaSite



If You do not Understand or do not fully Consent in Advance to abide by ALL of these Terms and Conditions contained herein on, LLC, please CONTACT Morgan Tyner at [email protected] BEFORE submitting Your Official Credit Card Purchase Information! 




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